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what is the best external hard driveAre you in the need of best external hard drive but struggling to get the best of the best. Well you are on the right place while most of the people have the same question that what is the best external hard drive ? So there problem is solved.In this guide you will notice some key points while buying a best external hard drive for your MAC, PC or XBOX one.

So a best external hard drive may need to have few qualities due to which it could be considered as best hard drive.It depends you want portable hard drive or desktop version of the hard drive.

what is the best external hard drive

So different aspects by which we consider the hard drive as best are Following.

  • Storage Capacity

While buying a best portable hard drive you must have the storage capacity option in your mind that of what capacity you want the hard drive.Different storage capacities are 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and so on.

  • Rotation Speed

Rotation speed is another name of the speed of hard drive to read and write data. It all depends on the manufacturer and brand. So you can lookup for different brands offering different RPM rate for each hard drive.

  • Ports

This option allows you to attach multilpe external devices with your hard drive to play with data with external resources.

  • Warranty time

This is something very important because if you drive got crashed before your warranty time then you may loose your data and also the money spent on it. So always select the hard drive with at least warranty of an year.

  • Price

Well this totally depends on your pocket. In the market there are Cheap, Expensive, Costly, and best budget hard drive available but you need to see what you pocket allows you to.

and lot of other factors which are not very much important to consider while selecting the hard drive.

Hope these factors will help you pick the best external hard drive for you.

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