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An External Drive can be an SSD or a simple external hard drive connected with computer from outside rathr inside or internally.Few hard drives get power from their data cable and few requires AC wall connection.

You can also think of an external hard drive like a regular internal hard drive removed from inside of computer covered in a protective casing and plugged with computer from outside.

A hard drive enclosure is requried to make an internal hard drive an external hard drive.

External hard drives comes in various storage capacities but to connect with computer they have USB port, FireWire or wirelessly. You can call external hard drive as portable hard drive. The common type of external hard drive is flash drive.

Using the external hard drive is very easy plugin one end of data cable into the drive and one into the computer USB port in case of USB external hard drive.If it required a power plug it in to wall outlet.

Most of the time it takes few minutes to appear the contents of hard drive on-screen.Then you can start moving your files into other drive.To deal with external hard drive either for partitions, formatting, or anything else Disk Management tool is always required which is free by windows.

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What is purpose of using an External Drive ?

External hard drives are easy to carry , portable and have larger data storage capacity to store large amount of data to take whenever with you.You can store actual device anywhere you want and carry the large amount of data and files along with you.

Another advantage of having a best external hard drive is that they can be moved from computer to computer and allows sharing larger size files.Having large storage capacities external hard drives are most of the time used a for backup drives of data.

To make a backup of your videos, files and photos a backup program is required for an external harddrive to safe keeping, separate from the original files in case you have accidently deleted or chagned.

It depends if you use the external hard drive for backup otherwise you can also use it to expand the current storage of you computer which is an easy way to store extra data on the drive and when want to use the data plug the drive wit the computer.But for laptop it may be a bit difficult.

Internal drives vs external Drives

As compared to the external hard drives the internal drives are connected with motherboard and the external hard drives run by computer case from outside and then connected with motherboard.Most of the time the internal hard drive contains Operating system and software installation files, whereas external hard drive is mostly used for non-system files like, videos, photos, files and documents of any types.

Internal hard drive gets power from inside of computer from power supply while the external hard drive is powered through the data cable it’s connected or through dedicated AC power.

In case of external hard drive there are most chances of compropzing data because it’s easily accessible due to being external it can be located on a desk, or on a table making it easy to steal or pick.But for internal hard drive the entire computer has to be taken away or hard drive needed to be removed from inside, before access the files of drive.

More than internal hard drive the external hard drives are moved more generally, and they can be damaged easily due to any mechanical issue.SSD based drives are less prone to damage of this type like flash drives.

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