Best Pet Collar Cameras 2018 For Tracking Dogs

dog collar cameraWorried about where the pet is roaming while you are busy?

Get a pet collar camera to keep an eye on your dog’s movements and also catch special movements while your four-legged friends are enjoying and playing around.

Dog Collar Cameras helps you identify your pets and avoid them straying. That said, dog collar camera is important but getting the top dog collar camera is a bit challenging task. The market is saturated with the number of brands offering a range of expensive and inexpensive models.

Keeping this thing in mind we have curated this list of best dog collar cameras by doing hours of extensive research to collect the right information for the pet owners. This list contains all the cheap, affordable and best-value models to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the dog collar camera won’t be an issue for you now.

Dog Collar Camera

That said, see this comparison chart of dog collar camera and pick the top rated camera for a dog collar.

Pet Collar Camera Reviews

Follow along this list of pet collar camera reviews to pick your favorite one.

1# Komhode Camera with GPS Locator

The komhode camera is the perfect example of dog-like animal cameras. This can be connected to your smartphone and makes it easy to track wherever your pet goes. Capable to shoot videos and pictures all the day either automatically or manually.

Android users should note that this only works for iOS and for storage this camera require a Micro-SIM card. Similarly, this camera is water-resistant so don’t get worried if your pet goes right into the water while playing. One thing to note is that the collar is sold separately but not that costly compared with the camera.

2# DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Video Camera with Built-In Night Vision

What makes DOGTEK more popular among the car owners and other animal owners is that this brand makes use of great technology and the unique feature of it is that this perfect size collar with a night vision camera help you know what your cat is up to.

This pet collar camera can record videos in 2 different modes and includes motion detection. Features an Autofocus CMOS sensor with night vision which can go far as 7 feet. It also brings the built-in flash memory of 4GB. While recording video of 736 x 480 it also records audio alongside. It features a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and gives recording time of about 2.5 hours.

3# DOGTEK Eyenimal Videocam for Pets, 4GB Memory

For cats of dogs owners, this videocam is the most suitable choice in midrange price. This lightweight pet collar camera clips to your dog’s collar and brings a USB cable which allows you to upload your data to your computer.

From a features point of view, this is a lightweight camera with built-in 4GB memory and 2.5 hours of continuous recording. This camera is capable to record 600 x 400 resolution at 29 frames/second.

4# Glift Weatherproof Rechargeable Pet Camera with Digital LCD

Another ideal choice is Glift rechargeable pet camera which works in all weather conditions and these makes it more reliable, durable and the compact pet collar camera.

It’s capable to take photos, pictures and record videos. Not high definition but normal result recording for about 37-45 minutes. The battery is rechargeable and records both audio and video. the collar is built up of nylon which can be adjusted easily.

5# MECO Digital Pet Collar Camera DVR Video Recorder

Another great inclusion of a good pet collar camera is MECO Digital. This lightweight and appropriate camera for pet collar records videos in full HD resolution and features a 3.7 V high-capacity polymer lithium battery can record footage for longer times.

This pet collar camera features a USB cable and the data is stored on its expandable memory of 32GB. The collar is highly adjustable and camera result is full High definition. All these features make it an ideal pet collar camera.

6# Motorola SCOUT5000 Wearable HD Pet Camera With GPS Tracking

In our lit of top camera collars, this one is the fantastic choice. Those looking forward to recording their pet movements need to get their hands on this device. The Motorola SCOUT5000 does real-time GPS tracking and also offers virtual fencing option with Wander Alert which comes with a yearly paid subscription and you helps you track each and every move of your pet.

The key features of this gadget are that you can connect collar to Wi-Fi and can easily speak with your pet using a free Hubble Viewing app. This collar camera is waterproof too so no need to worry if your pet goes into the water. It stores videos on the cloud, micro SD card or on a local device as well. The only snag it has that it carries weight limit like it’s suitable for dogs over 25 pounds. Its wide-angle camera allows you to grasp maximum view while your pet is on the go.

7# SAOMAI Digital Pet Collar Camera

Do you want to sneak into the roaming of your pet? Either you have dog and cat you can get their movements insights using SAOMI Digital pet collar camera. It features an adjustable nylon collar which makes it easy to place the camera and get the results of your pets adventure.

It features a lens angle of 65-degree. Memory is also expandable from 1GB to 32 GB so that you can keep recording all the way till you want. It brings a USB cable along with it. Last but not least it brings a High-capacity polymer lithium battery.

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