Best Pet Cameras 2018 Reviews and Buyer Guide

Best Pet Camera

No matter how long you’re away from your home, leaving pets at home can be stressful.

You know in the back of your mind that they’re going to be fine. But having known that they are fine keeps you satisfied that they’re fine.

You might want to check up on your dog or cat to make sure that they’re not causing trouble while you’re on vacation or at work.

But for this, you won’t be calling your friend or neighbourhood. So, that’s where you need in-home pet camera.

So having a best pet camera is worthy, isn’t it?

If you are one of the anxious pet parents, then go through our list of these top ten pet cameras 2018. This list of top pet cameras is crafted with hours of research and includes honest pet camera reviews by our experts.

We have elected products of best brands in the market with their pros and cons to help you pick the right animal camera for your dogs and cats.

Want to know the best part?

By the end of this post, you will be able to choose the best pet camera and avoiding less-durable and expensive models.

Not have much time to read? See our quick-hit recommendation:

After 20 hours of deep research we recommend the Furbo Dog Camera for pet monitoring due to its Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam,  2-Way audio and positive customer reviews. According to our experts, it has all the features that are enough to look after your pet in your absence.

Best Pet Cameras 2018

Now you can do pet monitoring from anywhere and can do your things without worry. See our comparison table to see the difference between all the types of pet monitoring devices and surveillance monitors.

ProductsAudioNight VisionRatingCheck Price
Furbo Dog Camera
Editor's Choice
2 WayYes4.9/5 Check Price
Petzi Treat Cam
Editor's Choice
1 wayYes4.8/5 Check Price
Best Features: Feed and Go2 WayNo4.7/5 Check Price
Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Camera2 WayYes4.3/5 Check Price
Petcube Camera2 WayYes4.6/5 Check Price
Best Splurge: PetChatz HD2 WayNo4.4/5 Check Price
Best Indoor/Outdoor: Netgear ArloNoYes4.5/5 Check Price
Best Motion Sensor: BlinkNoYes4.2/5 Check Price
Dropcam Wi-Fi Monitoring CameraNoYes4.3/5 Check Price
Motorola Scout1 Pet MonitorNoYes4.4/5 Check Price

Featured Pet Camera Reviews

See the pet camera reviews to pick the best and top model.

#1. Furbo Dog Camera – HD Wifi Cam Best for dogs and cats

best pet cameraFurbo dog camera offers a fantastic design with “treat tossing” function included and that way you can have fun with your pet. It can hold up to 30 pieces of your dog’s favourite treat, it’s easy to quickly play a game of fetch when you’re away by shooting the dog treat out of furbo and can watch the 720p video through the camera. It has a 120-degree wide-angle view and also it comes with night vision.

Furthermore, the two-way microphone allows communication of parent and pet from both sides. Apparently, you can speak and listen to hear what pet is up to and also you can listen how it responds to the sound of your voice.

An internet connection and WiFi system is required for Furbo to work and allows for “bark alerts” by sending a push notification directly to your smartphone upon detecting a pet making noise. The treat toss itself is very easy to set up and works with your desired treat you select. It also recommends non-crushable treats between a half-inch to one-inch in length.

#2. Petzi Treat Cam

petzi-cameraPetzi Pet Camera bids adieu to the laser in lieu of a treat dispenser. It’s 720p wide-angle camera with night vision mode. Hence it allows you to use it day night whenever you want. You won’t get the full HD experience, but the video quality is more than good enough that you will be capable to the view of what your pet should or should not be doing. Similarly, treat dispenser throws several small treats for multiple pets to be dispensed at one time or just to spoil the lone king or queen of the house.

The onboard audio system of Petzi allows one-way communication with your pet, but you won’t be able to hear your pet respond to the sound of your voice. Fortunately, you can still capture all the candid videos and can share them with your family, friends and on your favourite social networks using its downloadable smartphone app. This smartphone application is straightforward. Pet owners can watch, snap, speak or give a treat with a single push of a button. Similarly, petzi includes multiple mounting options which allow secure placement on a floor or on a wall depending on the site of your pet. So it can take well care of your pet while you’re not at home.

Overall Petzi is a good pet camera that features night vision mode but lacks two-way communication but it you’re looking to buy a good pet camera then Pezti is the affordable and budget option for you.

Pros : wide angle HD video, treat dispenser works great

Cons : one-way voice streaming, video and picture captures

#3. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder – Best Features cam

Feed-and-GoIf you are going outside for few hours at a time, take a look at the Feed and Go which is an automatic pet feeder that comes with a built-in webcam and WiFi.It’s labelled as “smart pet feeder for wet and dry food” the Feed and Go also capable you for the dispensing of treats and medication as needed. Using the WiFi connection, you can hook up and sync with your pet in just 60 seconds. You can access the built-in webcam by any iOS, Android or Windows smartphone, so you can see if your pets are up to no good. If you see that your pet isn’t in front of the camera, you can call them over through the built-in microphone.

It has total six compartments, each compartment is capable of holding up to eight ounces of treats of food, there’s enough space which can keep your pet satisfied and full without any feelings of guilt. Whereas, the wet food isn’t recommended for more than 24 hours of storage, Download the smartphone app for locking in a feeding schedule. Setting up schedules for multiple pets is like having unlimited profiles which are available with the press of one button. Furthermore, the included app also send you to text messages to let you know about your pet is about to ear and/or has been fed. The Feed and Go weighs about 7.3 pounds and measuring 20 x 16 x 3 takes up a fair amount of space on the floor, but the peace of mind os more than worth it.

#4. Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Camera – Best Budget camera for pet

Vimtag-VT-361While not a dedicated pet camera but Vintage VT-361 Super HD Camera WiFi video monitoring surveillance security camera is known as the best pet monitoring system. You can check on what your pet is doing using with live video synced through in-home WiFi through the downloadable smartphone or tablet app and app for Windows and Mac computers. It offers motion detection, tilting and panning like basic services and a two-way built-in microphone which allow you calling your pet right to the camera to watchdog for a quick and easy check-in.
An internet connection is required on both sides for this system to work, but with a sub-five-minute set-up time, you’ll be up and running within no time. Fortunately, Vitmag includes night vision and an internal SD card slot with a 32GB recommended card for video recording and playback. It gives 320- x 120-degree coverage area which enables you almost total home viewing in HD video quality and gives you clear picture every time.

#5. Petcube Camera  Play Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera 

pet-cube-camerasWidely known as best pet cam on the market, the Petcube Camera gives a two-way audio, built-in laser for some away-from-home pet and offers a 720p video experience. It has curved corners and brushed aluminium design, it’s so modern and capable that you will love to turn it on. Despite the beautiful design, an app that can be used on Android or iPhone-ready smartphone or Apple watch allows the real-time interaction with your pets and also the laster toy included in it. It comes in both manual mode and autoplay mode, the laser toy can keep your pets occupied for hours. You can also do instant sharing of pictures and video clips to your social networks, friends and family by this smartphone app.

Petcube Camera also offers a cloud-based subscription service that allows rewinding and playback or either 10 or 30 days old clips and video history. The two-way audio allows the pet parents to talk to their pets conveniently and let them know that you’re on the way home. The secure Petcube network is encrypted and 128-bit encryption is used to make it more secure along with other security protocols adding to your piece of mind. It doesn’t have treat dispenser, Petcube is functional, attractive and sets the bar for pet cameras.

These key features of Petcube pet monitor make it one of the best selling, affordable and great pet camera among the pet lovers.

Pros : store video to the cloudHD video compatible video and voice streaming unique laser pointer toy

Cons : No Dispenser

#6. PetChatz HD Greet & Treat Videophone

petchatAre you not budget conscious ? Give a look to PetChatz HD pet camera. Featuring a “great and great” experience, the PetChatz offers two-way video and audio experience and included 720p camera allows both pets and parents which allows see and hear each other together. You can also purchase the “PawCall” button to spoil your pet even more which allows your pet to call you while a single press of a button with the paw. The pet-safe design is ideal(your pet won’t be tempted or to chew through the corners or edges as the unit is securely attached to the wall and an included mounting kit. )

With an additional “Calming Scent” PetChatz features want to totally a different level that releases specially-formulated soothing smells which results relieve an anxious or scared animal.


#7. Best Indoor/Outdoor: Netgear Arlo

Netgear-ArloThe amazing Netgear Arlo security system is a great and fantastic HD camera system that is not only given per monitoring service but gives an outstanding performance. It has magnetic mound for discrete camera placement and patented 100 percent wire-free design, it makes monitoring from every angle of your home trouble-free. Netgear Arlo also includes night-vision capability which is perfect when you are away from home at night or in the event and also want to take care of your pet. With the motion-activated system, the pet owner can receive real-time e-mail and app notification for more comfort.

Being both an indoor and outdoor camera, you are also allowed to add an additional waterproof camera to the system which is sold separately to monitor the yard to take care of your pet playing nicely outdoors as you’re away.It gives seven feet above floor level an optimal placement an ideal range of motion detection from five to 20 feet, there is much room to place the camera and see clearly everything your pet is doing.

#8. Blink Home Security Camera System – Best Motion Sensor

Blink-pet-cameraBlink is a dedicated home security camera system, the blink product offers an outstanding HD video(1080p video) experience in your absence at home. It gets power by two AA batteries and connected online via built-in WiFi. Once you’re online, get downloaded iOS and Android smartphone app to connect with Blink System or also use Amazon Alexa”skill” for voice control. It weighs under one pound and measures around 3.2 x 4.5 x 9.3 inches, you can place the blink system anywhere you want to monitor your pet including over a doorway, in front of a sofa or covering a large room.
You get peace of mind with the motion and temperature sensors which makes pet monitoring double as a home-protective service as well. As soon the blink system detects the pet’s movement with the front of the camera, an alert is sent to the connected device and video starts recording, so you can instantly discover what your pet is doing at that moment. You can simply expand the camera system with the purchase of additional camera units which are sold separately and cover every aspect of their home as needed. Blink offers free cloud storage without any monthly fees for up to video clips of two hours. You can also see the buying guide at the bottom to know about the key features and other things to see that camera is good.

More reviews to come….

#9. Motorola Pet Scout66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Monitoring Camera

#10.Nest Cam Security Camera

#11. Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

#12.D-Link DCS-932L Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera

#13.Oco Wireless Security Camera

  • Dogtek Eyenimal. 
  • Petcube Interactive. 
  • Pawbo Life Dispenser And Laser Game. 
  • Motorola Scout 2300. …
  • PetChatz HD System. …
  • WoPet SmartFeeder Automatic. 
  • Petzi Treat Cam.

If you consider yourself an anxious pet parent, keep reading to see our list of today’s best pet cameras. Best Overall: Petcube. Runner-Up, Best Overall: Petzi. Best Features: Feed and Go. Best Budget: Vimtag VT-361 Super HD WiFi. Best Design: Furbo. Best Splurge: PetChatz HD. Best Indoor/Outdoor: Netgear Arlo.
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This List of best pet cameras is the latest buying guide to buy the great pet camera from the top brands in the market.I hope this list of top pet surveillance cameras and monitors will be helpful for you to help you spy on your pets with wireless machines from outdoors.

If you are leaving your mischievous fur-baby home alone it’s important to get smartphone-controlled toys(monitors) and the are as important as surveillance monitors to motion detectors, activity monitors, automatic feeders.

When you are away from home best dog monitor camera can keep the pup engaged and if that’s a good quality camera with great streaming then it can differentiate between types of bigger movements and can take shots of entire room

If your pleasingly plump and needs to shed a few pounds then get a mid-priced camera GPS tracker monitor for your dog. These types of cameras are moderately priced but getting cameras with more features makes them more expensive.

Now you get keep eyes on your furry friends without the limited spotlight view and the night vision clarity is superior of cameras allowing you to get super sharp image shots while monitoring your dog.

Now you can keep an eye on your pet throughout the day or night using the 1280×720 megapixels camera and answer questions of your pets while you are at school and work and can take real time video from multiple phones.

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