Best Laptops under 300 2017 For Business Gaming and College

best laptops 2017I hope you will agree with me when i say

What’s the best laptop to buy in 2017 ?

isn’t it ?

This list of top 10 best laptops covers in-depth reviews of laptops that include Apple, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and few other good brands of market. We have researched hundreds of hours to craft this list of best laptops 2017.Ranging from small to large, for gaming, for business, for college, longest battery life and fastest laptops.

Few of these are under 500 high-end gaming laptops and cheap budget laptop. Laptop are still crystal demand of users while having iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4, smartphones and Tablets to replace the MacBooks. Giving portability, great performance, advance hardware and more versatile operating systems these laptops are the top picks of 2017.You can also see some thin and light Ultrabook and Chromebook in this buyer guide of top laptops 2017 smartphone or tablet.

The systems below , are best of the best which are being tested are with plethora of features, price and performance to provide the top choice for every user type. This list is being updated every month for newest products. But in this large market of laptops having large number of laptops not every top-rated laptop makes the cut. Follow along these reviews.You might find few best laptops under 300 dollars which will suit your budget.

Best Laptops 2017 Reviews Comparison

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Best Laptop Buyer’s Guide

Laptop Buying Options

Budget: Take a look at your pocket and see how much you can spend ? For a budget of 700 a better-quality mainstream and you can also find serviceable windows laptops and if you are a chromebook lover then you can get high-quality Chromebooks for under 500.

Screen Size: A screen size of a laptop enables you to know about it’s portability. For using a laptop on your lap or to carry with you a size of 12, 13 and 14-inch display will be useful. Whereas, if you want to use your computer on tables and desks then a 15-inch model could be better for you. In case of workstations, gaming rigs, media machines 17 or 18-inch screens are great choice.

2-in-1: You must be aware of 2-in-1 machines which you can use as a tablet and as a laptop both. They can bend back 360 degrees and can be detach also. You can use them as slate for media consumption, gaming and drawing. Well it can get you a high cost but if you want a lower price machine then you should go with a clamshell-style laptop.

Battery Life: While sitting on a desk with your laptop and battery ends suddenly that sucks, isn’t it ? So battery life matters for a laptop. A laptop with great battery life can let you work home or office having enough power to let you work on your couch, table or at conference room without being worries about the charging. And for the best portability you should go for a laptop giving at least 8 hours of battery backup. There are lot of longest-lasting laptops giving a battery life time of up to 10 hours.


Specs to consider : 1080p / Core i5 / 8GB What’s best ?

You might not be the tech-savvy but remember you are still looking for a machine that should be fit according to you demand. Well specs matter for that and for a good mainstream performance the specs can be Core i5, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM and a 1080p display screen. Let’s see them one by one

Screen Resolution : For a better display the recommended screen resolution should be 1920 x 1080 (1080p or full HD) or higher resolution.

RAM : RAM is the primary memory for loading and processing of tasks so the maximum it is the lighter it will run and 8GB is an ideal selection but for budget system you can get 4GB also. Secondary laptops and Chromebooks may contains less than that.

CPU : For better mainstream performance Core i5 is best and for budget system Core i3 is suitable for systems like Pentium CPUs or Celeron to perform some basic tasks. But for high-end gaming and others tasks like 3D modeling or video editing you better need Core i7 or a quad core processor (HQ or HK).

Storage : For high-end tasks like gaming or modeling you should use an SSD(solid state drive) of 256GB, 500GB. Many big machines use SSD and the spinning hard drive both for better speed and performance. But if you have basic tasks then spinning hard drive is suitable for you.

Graphics Chip : For Gamers and graphics professionals discrete GPU is best choice. Otherwise Intel’s built-in HD Graphics GPU is enough for your daily routine tasks and applications.

You can read more in details about this guide of buying a laptop but the data provided above is enough to make your choice to select the best machine 2017.


Laptop Land Guide

The major changes occurred in the market of notebooks in the past few years is creating confusions for the buyer’s to buy the best laptop or notebook. Yes we are talking about the latest models which are business-savvy ultraportables, featherweight almost 2 pounds to lap-crushing gaming screens weiging more than 10 pounds.

Now a days the look of standard laptops has changed due to convertible designs and touch interfaces. Some laptops are better than the tablets with hinges that bend and fold, while the slate tablets which are touch-enabled PCs with hardware keyboards for notebook use.So according to your needs there are different size and style laptops are available.

Therefore we have crafted this buyer guide for brief you about the latest designs and specs of the laptops to show you the current trends and help you figure out that which features you should see while buying a good laptop and how to find laptop that fits for your needs.


Laptop with Windows and Touch Input

The expectations from windows 8 were that computing will become more touch-cnetric but the interface of it’s operating system was only easier to use with keyboard and touchpad. Most likely you will be using Windows 10 OS on your new laptop. Few features are taken from windows 8 touch-based UI which don’t rely on touch screen. So for windows 10 we can say it has brought the touch interface to the forefront.

Don’t worry about getting a windows laptop with touch screen. Many Entry-level models in cheap and affordable prices offer windows touch experience. Keep in mind that touch input can interfere with precision control schemes you should be the master today’s game titles.



In this modern era laptops have become more thinner and sleeker. These wafer-thin systems are taking us towards ultraportable computing(so light and thin enough laptop to fit in your briefcase, long-standing batteries). Fast and enough storage with full 128GB or 256GB solid-state drive(SSD) and 32 or 64GB of eMMC flash gives enough power and ability to these ultraportables to continue their work in seconds after being idle or sleep for days. Intel is shifting towards convertible-hybrid laptops and detachable-hybrid tablets which it’s giving as 2-in-1 devices but ultraportables are comes in a distinct category.

Ultraportables are getting thinned down in case of heavy-duty gaming machines, mainstream PCs, silver-thin ultraportables of every flavor are more thinner and lighter. Mind that these models may contain hefty price tag, particularly a business system that won’t weight you down while you are on travel for work, Offering remarkable performance with high-end features makes them best of all. The features ultraportables come with includes full-size HDMI ports, Touch screens (1080p Resolution), 8+ hours batter life. Few of them falls in the category of premium laptops with premium prices which comes with an amazing high-resolution screen of 3,840-by-2,160 resolution (4K) at the top end.


Hybrid Laptops

Either you use powerful tables and laptops you will be happt to hear that both of these functionalities can be found in the new technology called Hybrid systems which are also popular as 2-in-1s.Depending upon the requirements you can use it as tablet or as a laptop anywhere anytime.

Moreover, 2-in-1 are of two types. The first one is convertible-hybrid which has a display hinge around it enables you to rotate it for using as a tablet of as a laptop. Rotate on various desired positions like you stand the screen up on the keyboard same as kioski display. Touch screen helps you balance it on the edges. It’s best in case of tablet but expect to need a good keyboard.

The second type is detachable hybrid having laptop-like functionality while docking an accessory keyboard with it. Docking keyboards contains secondary batteries to give charge all the day , while others offer Bluetooth keyboards, forgoing the load of docking hinge and connecting wirelessly. So both of these were the best 2-in-1s laptops.


Mainstream and Premium Models

Fortunately the whole laptop category has gotten slimmer, but the market for larger dekstop-replacement laptops with premium design and functions is still on some level. If we compare Desktop replacements with smaller ultraportables then ultraportables will win due to portability but these 14-inch and 15-inch laptops provide the features of a day-to-day PC.

Having various ports, bigger displays and premium features Desktop-replacements are the ones still offering optical drives. The gamut in the screen resolutions is from 1,366 by 768 for budget systems and 1920×1080 resolution for the mainstream and for high-end multimedia laptops its up to the 3840×2160 which is best for graphics professionals.


Media Laptops and Gaming Machines

Due to the increasing trend of tablets the sales of laptops and desktops have started decline but gaming PC sales have increased dramatically. To make your gaming rig top of-the-line for PC games it requires high-resolution display, potent discrete graphics card, and a high-end processor which is worthy paying high prices.

Prices for an entry-level gaming laptop are out of scope and for your custom requirements like a high-and GPU, powerful processor, lot of memory to store and play pc games with high graphical details. Always keep in mind that you are going to get the best laptop for the money. Unlike the powerful-quad core processors the Intel Core i7 chips are providing serious performance for even non-gaming applications.

To get silky-smooth graphics impressive frame rates you need to have a GPU from Nvidia and AMD. Many high-end rigs contains two GPUs. Some extra features can include hard drive local storage space of maybe 1TB and high-resolution displays so get your gaming library to next level.

The gaming level performance has become more portable due to the sleek design ultraportables and the long-lasting battery life and the great build which can never be seen anywhere else. Don’t take this high-level performance like butter, it contains hefty price tag and isn’t much cheap. According to an estimate gaming ultraportables can get in the $2,000 range.



Chromebooks are generally Chrome OS-based laptops in the category of gaming laptops and also fall in the category of best laptop under $500 usually start from 199 in price. The primary purpose of these power-efficient machines is to surf the web using Chrome OS. These small and high power chromebooks are running google chrome browser on hardware specs that are taken as “tight” for windows PC. Limited local storage of 16GB flash memory and few systems might have 32-64GB of flash and 2-4GB system memory. So with these specs you can easily use Internet and cloud services like Google Drive to store your files and data.

Chrome OS is immune to malware plaguing windows systems which is it’s primary benefit. Unlike windows programs the Updates of Chrome OS take few seconds while incase of windows or MAC it takes minutes to hours which isn’t good. If your work is mostly on the web browser then your primary PC should be chromebooks.

With the recent development you can also run Android apps on your chromebooks from the Google Play Store. In this way you can use your laptop while you are not connected to the internet. Most of you also use these apps like streaming video services, games, productivity apps on your phone. So Now it’s not difficult for your to select a Chrome OS laptop or the best Chromebooks because we have done that hard work for you. Don’t worry about budget and give a shot to this list of best cheap laptops.


Laptop Purchase by Spec

Every modern laptop must have a common feature and that’s connectivity. For connecting wireless peripherals today every model in the market is providing the feature of Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi standard for internet connectivity while the faster and the newer 802.11c standard is being added to more systems each day. When you don’t have any Wi-Fi hostspot you can use Mobile broadband options like 3G, 4G HSPA+, 4G LTE but not so commonly. Mostly the users are on the side of personal mobile hostpots which can easily work with several devices which is easy for their smartphone connection.

Ultraportables and desktop replacements required USB connectivity in order to work with large range of peripherals and accessories. You can also see USB 3.0 in many oldest and lowest-price designs which gives faster data transfer than USB 2.0 and offers greater bandwidth. You can identify the USB 3.0 port with words written as Super Speed (SS) or with a blue color port. Few USB ports allow you to charge phones or MP3 like handheld devices even when the laptop is powered down. You can locate these charging ports by a lightning bolt icon right next to USB logo.

You need to know that thunderbolt and thunderbolt 2 interfaces were used by Apple , HP, Lenovo and many other manufacturers as a faster alternative for the USB 3.0 and the purpose for this was to hook up the storage devices, monitors and docking stations. While now it’s possible with USB-C and thunderbolt 3.Must know that USB-C interface is capable for huge amount of throughput as well as power delivery and is very small than tha Type-A USB port. Which is ideal for the svelte laptops.

Thunderbolt 3 is on USB-C tail, with some extra circuitry it give throughput a boost to 4Gbps for humugous data transfer by using the same plug and socket. It’s four times faster than USB 3.1/USB-C and eight times faster than USB 3.0 which is great. Lot of new laptops are having thunderbolt 3 and USB-C which price from lower to high cheap to budget models like mobile workstations(Apple MacBook).Apple is using more extensible ports for their computer hardware and it’s taken by highest-profile adoptees.

Now due to constraints in ultraportables the venerable VGA interface has become disappear which preclude the bulky connector, and DisplayPort or HDMI are the reason for better working of monitors and projectors.Intel Wireless Display (or WiDi) which you can say is little cable-free cousin of HDMI , beams the audio and video of a laptop to a TV fitted with some third-party adapter. A wireless display standard Miracast can be seen with variety of devices like tablets, mobile phones, TVs, and laptops either for gaming, business or home.

The era of cloud service has also taken the optical drives to death from most model lines for software, games and many local applications. If you are still looking to install software from a disc or wanted to see movies on a DVD or Blu-ray then it’s only possible for the gaming laptops. Also some built-in drives have also replaced external USB DVD and Blu-ray drives.

The performance boost in the premium ultraportables is only possible due to the latest technology called SSD or solid state storage technology. In most cases a combination of SSD and spinning hard drive is used in the mainstream systems, which helps you quickly open your many files including photos, videos etc.

You may have seen SSD only laptops with top 256GB or 512GB storage but there are few premium systems with 1TB and larger drives in the market. Looking for some extra hard drive space then you should read this guide about best external hard drive 2017.


Under the Hood

Intel is making the top and the most dominant processor chips and they launched the 7th generation Core known as (Kaby Lake) processors. Designed for specifically hybrid designs and ultraportables. It’s model number is 7000s which is better than the previous generations 6000s Skylake and 5000s Kaswell. These new CPUs provide improved graphics processing and stretch battery life. Kaby Lake has been extended to Core M which brings more battery life enhancements. AMD is also offering enhanced performance at very low prices by his own line of processors but they cannot compete the Intel’s latest chips.

You need to find an integrated graphics subsystem for graphics tasks, either you use APUs AMSs or Kaby Lake or Skylake chips, unless you are a CAD user or a part-time gamer. For better transcoding 1080p video, 3D games or watching Blu-ray movies High-end

Discrete graphics processing units are always best and they are fast and serve laptop batteries well. Depending upon the application intergrated and discrete graphics are switched by using Apple Automatic Graphics switching, NVidia Optimus, AMD Enduro technologies that stretch batter life.

In most of the new laptops the non-removable batteries are incorporated which cannot be swapped out. This approach has helped in making the laptops way slimmer and thinner but within that the batteries cannot be swapped out go for longer use between charging. Either way Intel’s newest processors have taken the place in the heart of most laptops.


Beyond Plastic

A particular array of materials has been used for the sleeker and slimmer construction of the laptop designs. The least expensive and the most commonly used material is Plastic(polycarbonate) in laptop frames. The plastic is made in such a way not to look like cheap. For this HP, Toshiba and Acer brands are using the method of in-mold decoration or in-mold rolling in which the decorative patterns of laptops designs are infused between the plastic layers. Now this process is known as etched imprints and textures which can be seen on laptop lids.

But keep in mind this process and plastic is used only for low-priced laptops, Whereas for high-end models manufacturers use metal and for most premium laptops they use aluminum which gives the luxurious look, and can give the thinner chassis than the plastic. If you may have noticed on Apple MacBook Air or Pro the entire chassis is made up of metal and now it’s the most common standard used for making designs. This same look and feel is copied by other all metal designs.

Further more magnesium alloy and carbon fiber are used as chassis material and they also help in making it strong but as low on weight. For covering displays the glass is used and and ultra-strong gorilla glass is also used sometimes for lid and touchpad.


Buying and Extended Warranty

Most laptops come with a warranty of an year. The accidental coverage is offered by many manufacturers as a separate plan which may vary in price range. As apple offers a max three year extended warranty in $$$ bucks.

An important note for you is that never spend a money which is more than 15 percent of the actual price of the laptop either spend that money for backup drives or for the other services that minimize the downtime. Defective components are often no more for usable in an year. If you face any breakdown due to design flaw, you will get an opportunity by the manufacturers to extend free warranties for these flaws.

Adam Barton. A Tech geek and hardware engineer.Started 17oxen to provide unbiased reviews in the form of Top 10 Lists.