Best hard drive for PS4 2017 – HDD Buyer’s Guide

best hard drive for ps4

Best Hard Drive for PS4

Playstation lovers are always in the need of best hard drive for ps4. Having such a great gaming console urges them to play more and more games but on the other hand the storage space for these high definition and high-quality games is a major issue. That’s why most of the console players are always looking for a best ps4 hard drive.

Having best ps4 hard drive will also boost the console power and will provide some extra storage capacity to store the heavy duty games.All the reviews in this article are honest and data is collected from authentic sources.In this list of ps4 hard drive the drives included are of 2TB and 4TB. But you can select with your own choice click on check price and see different options available.A detailed guide is also written on best external hard drive 2017.

We have crafted this list of best external hard drive for ps4 2017 in order to help you get the best external hard drives available in the market.Red the review thoroughly to have a deeper insights about each external hard drive.Also all of these are ps4 compatible hard drives. Hope this list of best ps4 hdd will help you.A hard drive is of no use till you didn’t partitioned it. See our guide on how to partition a hard drive to finally use it.

Best PS4 Hard Drive

PS4 Hard DrivesCapacityCacheWarrantyPrice
Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD1TB64MB5 Years
Seagate 2TB Barracuda HDD1TB128MB2 Years
Samsung / Seagate Laptop 2TB HDD1TB32MB2 Years
WD New Blue 1TB1TB8MB2 Years
Toshiba 1TB HDD for PS41TB8MB3 years
WD Black Performance HDD1TB32MB5 Years


Best ps4 Hard drives Reviews

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2. ps4 2tb hard drive


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3. Best PS4 HDD

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4. ps4 internal hard drive

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