Best SSD 2018 : External Solid State Drives Reviews

best SSD 2018

You must be tired of using those slow speed mechanical hard drives.

If yes then this is the best guide for you to get the best SSD.

Keeping this thing in mind that people need something to store their data I have created a list of Best External solid state drives 2018.

And in this post, you will be able to find the best SSD 2018 drive for you,that you can buy right now.

Surely, these drives are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

But one thing is sure that, these drives are the best to make it to our list of the top-rated ssd 2018 as we have honestly tested all the drives so that you can choose which one is better.

Best SSDs 2018

Device NameCapacityTransfer(speed)Weight 
Samsung T3 Portable
(Editor’s Choice)
250GB450MB/s1.8 Ounces
Samsung T1 Portable
USB 3.0
250GB430MB/s1.1 Ounces
SanDisk Extreme 900
(Editor’s Choice)
480GB850MB/s7.4 Ounces
SanDisk Extreme
500 Portable
240GB415MB/s2.7 Ounces
MyDigital SSD OTG
(Editor’s Choice)
256GB456MB/s4.8 Ounces
U32 Shadow™Portable
USB 3.0
256GB525MB/s10.4 Ounces
Shadow Mini™ Portable
USB 3.0
256GB420MB/s7.2 Ounces
Intel Solid-State
240GB500MB/s2.4 Ounces
Lexar Portable
256GB450MB/s8 Ounces

These drives are not arranged by only speed perspective but with the overall performance, durability and efficiency of the drive. Because everyone wants speed as well as efficiency and durability.

If you’re still unsure about which one to buy, read on to find the fastest best external ssd drives of 2017.

1) Best SSD : Samsung 850 Evo

samsung 850 evo ssdWhen someone ask for a best SSD with top performance, high level of data safety, Fast, user-friendly, and affordable then only one name comes in mind and it’s Samsung 850 Evo. This best-selling, top-rated solid state drive comes with a long five year warranty.Samsung 850 Evo is the fastest SSD and honor goes to advanced NVMe drives but it’s also competing SATA-based drives.While it started expensive but today it’s available in budget price.

You can use super magician SSD software by Samsung for easy installation and maintenance on your standard laptop or desktop computer.The most selling capacity version of it is 500GB but it’s also available in 1TB model for heavy storage.While connected with your computer you will notice the blazing speed it gives while in action.Its 3D NAND tecnology makes it high-end solid-state drive for your computer.

Overall it’s best standard consumer-grade solid-state drives on the market and best in this list of top picks.

2) Best Budget SSD : Crucial BX300 SATA SSD

Crucial BX300 SATA best budget ssdTo get a solid, easy-to-intall SATA SSD without spending lot of money, a recommended SSD is Crucial BX300 SATA SSD which is cheapest than other models and fastest also.

Though it’s limited to storage capacity but that doesn’t means it’s slow.Unlike may cheap SSDs which use triple-level cell (TLC) NAND chips which start giving lag while transferring lot of files and exceed the drive’s cache, Crucial BX300 SATA SSD uses MLC (multi-level cell) NAND that sidesteps the issue and gives consistent transfer speeds while shifting large batches of files.

Cricial BX300 has high-capacity of 480GB and ideal drive for home user. It’s recommended low price SSD to get best performance out of their home computer.

3) Best NVMe SSD : Samsung 960 Pro M.2/NVMe SSD

Best NVMe SSD : Samsung 960 Pro M.2/NVMe SSDTo get maximum performance with excellent speeds in whopping price for larger sizes Samsung 960 Pro with M.2 form factor is the best NVMe SSD you can buy.With ridiculous read speeds, roaring past SATA-based SSD’s in sustained read/write tests it’s maximum capacity available is 2TB model.

This top-end NVMe SSD is not cheap it contains an expensive price tag also.To maximize the strengths of solid-state drive you can get less capacity models to get benefit of fast speeds.It comes with a five-year length warranty and supports excellent Magician SSD management software.

4) Fastest SSD : Intel Optane SSD 900P

Fastest SSD : Intel Optane SSD 900PIf your primary concern is to get fastest and longest lasting storage for your PC then allow your deep pockets to buy Intel’s Optane SSD 900P.It’s larger in price and capacity offering instant data transfer capabilities to Power users and gamers. For professionals who deals with video editing, audio content creation and edition is great SSD.

This memory drive doesn’t use traditional NAND technology and built using futuristic 3D Xpoint technology by Micron and Intel.Optance SSD 900P blows the storage trademarks and carries a ridiculous 8,750TBW(terabytes written) rating, compared with a 200GBW rating by NAND SSDs making this good looking and blazing-fast drive immportal.

But keep in mind the price tag to get this insane speed.It’s available in 280GB and 480GB model.It’s expensive than popular NVMe SSDs. Those who deal with large amounts of data need this type of SSD. To communicate with your PIC it uses NVMe protocol so you might need to meed some additional criteria to be able to boot from it which we have explained below.


5) Samsung T3 SSD 3.1: Best SSD 2017

top ssd 2017This will be the brief Samsung t3 review. The new Samsung T3 ssd is the best external solid state drive and its predecessor, the T1 are indeed the handiest and the best external solid state drives on the market. I have been using the samsung T3 drive for more than a year, and it had saved me so much time transferring my data from PC to PC and installing software. Thank God that i had T3 that saved a lot of my time. Its way faster than others I’ve tried, and the thin, wide profile doesn’t make a lump in the pocket as the average drive does.


It is 2-3 Inches wide, 3-inches long, and 0.4-inches thick, The T3 is a bit larger than the T1.It has a new luxurious velvety texture and at 1.8 ounces. It also has a most reassuring heft. I was hoping for a bit more on the technology front. While Samsung t3 external SSD is “USB 3.1” also has a USB-C port, I thought it might be full on SuperSpeed+ 10Gbps implementation rather than USB 3.0 Gen 1 SuperSpeed 5Gbps that we have grown bored with. Well, it’s not. And yes, we have acquired a need for speed.


If T3 is attached to USB port that features UASP, then the speed can be 450Mbps.If USB 3.0 it will be


350MBps and it will drop to round 50MBps for USB 2.0, Just for you, Information UASP stands for “USB Attached SCSI Protocol” and if spell it completely then it is “Universal Serial Bus Attached Small Computer System Interface. “So it is UASPThis diagram shows the test of T3 as you can see it cannot read its theoretical limits, but it is quite close.You can see that T3 is marginally far from T1.But see another diagram for the 20GB test.


So you can see T3 is a quite a bit faster than T1.As you can see T3 is completing the task in less time than others.

So T3 looks improved in handling large batches of small files. Its large file copy speed is almost equal to T1.So thanks to the improved version of controller

Samsung T3 ssd is not too cheap. But it is also not expensive as you will be thinking because of the awesome features it contains. Let me give you a bit information about T3. The Samsung T3 SSD 250GB version is very much efficient.But it has a lot of difference with hard drive. But T3 is three times faster, super shock resistant and dead quiet.

If you need fast, reliable portable storage then the Samsung Portable SSD T3 is an ideal buy. It is a bit pricier than typical portable hard drives or USB flash drives but you get plenty for the premium.

  • Stylish design
  • Great performance
  • Convenience of USB Type-C connection
  • Supplied Cable May Cause Issues

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6) Samsung T1 SSD Review: Best for Mac

Best External Solid State Drive for MacWith a rapid increase of SSD storage on the market, there are a lot of small gadgets that are instantly fast and help us to increase our productivity. One of them is brought to us by Samsung, and it is Samsung T1 SSD.Samsung T1 was introduced at CES 2015, With this launch, Samsung became the first tier one manufacturer in the external SSD market. The high-speed performance and cutting edge security, sleek stylish design, internal level-SSD performance and lot of other features of Samsung SSD T1 make it best external solid state drive to be on our list.



It is based on the Samsung 850 EVO best external SSD (mSATA version), and its measure is 2.8 inches(71mm) long and 2.1 inches(53mm) wide and weighs a total of 1.06oz which is 30 grams. Samsung T1 SSD supports up to 450 MB/sec at data transfer. I have been using it since it was launched. It is very easy to setup samsung T1 external solid stae drive.When you will plug it in an application and guide to the four step process. The Welcome Screen, Name of the device, Encrypt the Device and finish. No adware, no bloatware, just simple and fast.


T1 also has N-VAND technology which makes it able to work around the challenges that are apparent when memory and hard drives get smaller, data gets corrupted, and interference occurs as cells get closer to close-run-VAND technology helps T1 to prevent data corruption and allows to use half power consumption which is the twice-write speed than others.T1 also has optional 256-bit encryption method. It can be setup at installation or later.

Also, T1 has three different sizes 250GB, 500GB and 1TB.This one which you are reading is about T1 250GB. Samsung T1 external SSD also has the great features like the compact design and convenient to use anytime. Due to the solid state technology used in T1 and having none moving parts, it is shock and vibrant resistant.

Some other features like speed, security and performance are already discussed. So that was the Samsung T1 SSD review you should read the final words.Let me give you a little glance at the prices of T1 but it’s a little bit cheaper than T3 the reason is simple that T3 has some extra features. The Samsung T1 SSD 250GB version is fantastic.

Samsung T1 is perfect for the users of high-end computers and the tech lovers. The interesting thing about T1 is that features 256-bit encryption, and it practically sets itself up for you. Indeed it a light, small, fast and an amazing device.

    • Great performance
    • Adorable design
    • Reliable because of 850 EVO NAND tech.
    • 3-year warranty
    • Access on volume after running utility
    • Supplied cable may cause issues sometimes
    However, we believe that in the middle of year 2017, the clients which can utilize this latest tech will be available. So, I hope more external solid state drives will make it to the top of our Best SSD 2017 List.

    7) SanDisk Extreme 900 : Best For Xbox One

    best external ssdHere comes another beast that is quite simple yet efficient and pretty much gives the higher performance. With up to 9X the transfer speed of an external hard drive and twice the speed of other SSD’s, this little beast is giving blazingly fast speed of up to 850 Megabytes per second for read and write.You will agree with me when I say “Time is money” When fast speeds Sandisk Extreme 900 helps to reduce the wait times and accelerate your work flow, putting your focus back on work not waiting.


    SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable best external SSD weighs only 7.4 ounces. The dimensions are 0.7 x 3.2 x 5.2 inches. It comes with minimum 480GB memory size, because the speed and performance are not likely to tackle few GBs it is designed to do great works. While having aluminum exterior SanDisk Extreme, 900 is impact resistant and temperature resistant. It also offers encryption to secure the files so that no one can use it without your permission. This little wonder is compatible Windows 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista, as well as Mac OS 10.4+.


    The best feature except speed is that this best external ssd is capable of storing the latest file versions like 4k Ultra HD videos, high-resolution photos or large graphics files. The sleek and efficient design make it durable. A software called Secure access is used to secure your files and data. Featuring cutting-edge solid state technology, SanDisk Extreme 900 and 500 SSDs are cooler, quieter, and more efficient external solid state drives than hard disk drives. There is not need to provide power for working of SanDisk Extreme SSD it can take the required power from the USB port.

    The SanDisk Extreme 900 best external SSD is yet fastest and the best external solid state drive on the market it surpasses the speed of any Thunderbolt drive.Though it is little pricy when you will use it you are going, to love it.I recommend this drive to everyone.


    If due to high cost you are not able to buy the solid state drives then you may also like


    8) SanDisk Extreme 500 : Best For Gaming

     Best External Solid State Drive For GamingHere comes another brief Sandisk Extreme 500 review. If you are a pro, amateur, or aspiring amateur photographer/videographer you will definitely want one of these for your gear bag. The SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD is purely value-focused external flash-based best external SSD for those who need rugged high-speed storage while on the go. The rapid advancements have been occurred in flash technology and rise of USB 3.0 as a ubiquitous high-speed interface on computers. So consequently we got the small and affordable direct attached storage devices giving high performance and day to day data transfer applications.

    The Sandisk Extreme 500 best external SSD portable version was introduced in June 2015.They simply followed the Samsung’s T1 Portable best external SSD to market and took a different path. The thing that makes it extreme is that its dust and water resistant. It is a bit more efficient than the T1 and T3, Which allows professionals not to worry about the drive and focus on their job. Indeed Sandisk extreme portable best external SSD works with the collaboration of a group of photographers and videographers and they are called Extreme Team.

    Specs and Features

    SanDisk external solid state drives provides a portable solution of width about 3″(76.2mm) which is easy to carry wherever you go. Also, the things which make it extreme are that it is equipped to resist shocks, Vibrations, and temperature extremes. It protects your privacy through a software called Secure Access which is used in SanDisk and uses 128-bit encryption to help keep the files

    No Doubt that SanDisk Extreme got amazing features but if we compare it with the above one’s we are less in speed in SanDisk Extreme 500.

    Private and secure. It does not heat up because it does not use moving parts, so SanDisk Extreme 500 is a cool and quiet companion. It Does not require any special software for its working; It simply runs on any Mac or Windows system efficiently. Its sequential reading speed is 415 MB/s and sequential writing speed is 430 MB/s. It also has different volume version available like this article is about  SanDisk Extreme 500 240GB, and there are two others which are 120GB and 480GB.

    It is a smart choice to invest in the latest technology for SSD. So if you are really impressed with its features and are not worry about the speed that’s a bit slower, so for me it is green signal to buy this Little wonder. We know that trying to find the best one is difficult so we are telling you about every drive so that you can pick right one. This little wonder has no cons as I am personally using this.

    • Designed for Durability
    • Privacy protection
    • Comes with three years warranty




    9) MyDigital SSD OTG USB 3.0 : Best SSD For Macbook Pro

     Best External Solid State Drive For Macbook ProHere’s a brief Mydigital SSD review. MyDigital best external SSD OTG (on-the-go) USB 3.0 is a storage solution for Notebook / Ultrabook/ Chromebook/ NUC Mini PC/Desktop users, of all experience level, who demand more from their device. It is the storage solution with the speed and reliability that its users are expecting from MyDigital SSD.

    It is small enough to fit in your pocket easily, and it helps you to carry your photos, music, videos, documents securely wherever you go you can simply carry it in your pocket. It is compatible with any Mac or PC that has USB port of 3.0 or less. The MyDigital SSD OTG is a pocket wonder that is up to the USB 3.0 hype because of its 465MB/s transfer speed during reading and 450MB/s while writing. This review is for Mydigital SSD 256GB, but all versions are mentioned below. Mydigital SSD 512GB and Mydigital SSD 128GB and other different volume versions have the same specs and features except for volume.

    Specs and Features

    MyDigital SSD is sleek and compact size of 112.5mm x 47mm x 10.5mm.It also has integrated USB 3.0 Cable. Give real SSD performance and ability to boot OS from an external drive. It has four interchangeable rubber sleeves for protection and easy grip which are in different colors like(Black, Blue, Red, Pink).It also plugs and play in Mac OS 10.8 or Windows 8 and up to support  USAP mode data transfer.Best the thing is that it also has the warranty three years. This best external SSD is the good choice for portable mediums because in case of bumps, shakes, and drops this drive is resilient

    So say thanks to MyDigital SSD for the secure storage for you. Also safe because it is resilient of bumps, shakes, and drops. It is a silent every saver.

    Mydigital SSD compatibility is best with Linux, MAC, and Windows.

    MyDigital SSD is a best external solid state drive due to the various characteristics that made MyDigital best external SSD unique. So it is go to from my side if you buy this little wonder.
    • Compact and fast
    • Privacy protection
    • Compatible with most devices
    • Gets hot after usage of 10 continues hours

    10) Best gaming SSD: Kingston HyperX Predator

    best gaming ssd Kingston HyperX PredatorThis speedy SSD is aimed squarely at gamers. It’s headsets are known for being much higher quality than their price hint at.With excellent customer support HyperX has made their jump by giving this affordable, efficient and fast solid state drive.This SSD for gaming computer come in an M.2 form factor, and can be purchased with half-height adapter that plugs into your PCIe like an expansion card.Kingston’s HyperX line-up is not that cheaper but it’s also not that costly too.It’s mid-rage budget and comes with a 3-year warranty.It’s available in 240GB/480GB/960GB storage capacities.


    11) U32 Shadow SSD : what is a solid state external hard drive thunderbolt

     Best external solid state drive thunderboltHere comes the u32 shadow ssd review very briefly. Featuring ultra-faster data transfer rates, with maximum storage capacities and an attractive aluminum coating, the U32 Shadow best external ssd is a portable storage drive. Its ultra-compact size makes it easy to fit in the pocket. The stylish design and an aluminum body engineered effectively to dissipate heat and provide durable portability. The U32 Shadow gives huge speed results on a USB 3.0 port, and it can go up to 5 times faster than USB 2.0.

    Why it is a simple portable solution because it requires no external AC adapter or drives. The drive also carries high quality and flexible backup software that can be installed or configured if necessary.

    I ultimately bought a 240GB best external SSD drive and then the speed i could get only USB 2.0 . I changed my system but again got the same issue repeatedly. I took decision to mailing the company and just thought that i would get ignored or rejected by them. To my luck, Oyen customer service was extremely responsive and beleive me that they immediately offered to replace the drive. They also told me that they have also received the drive, and soon they will would send the replacement and next day i received it. The next day when i actually received the replacement, and you will not believe me that was working great and efficiently with every device with speed of USB 3.0, and that was very much faster than USB 2.0. So in this u32 shadow best external SSD review, I almost told whatever I experienced.Hence it is the best external solid state drive on our list.

    Specs and Features

    Its specs include its color which is silver and the capacity which ranges in 3 different volumes. But we are writing about U32 Shadow 240GB best external SSD. It also has super speed connection with USB 3.0.Its USB powered no external supply required. Aluminum housing gives protection and heat dissipation. Compatible with any Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is also backed by a three-year warranty that is the good option.

    The U32 Shadow 240GB External Solid state drive offers 525 MB/s sequential reading speed which is very fast. It also provides faster seek time so that we can do extremely smooth HD video editing and rendering and other hardware intensive computing activities being as a solid state drive. The aluminum housing increases its durability and protection.

    This is a simple product to use; plug it in and it works. It is small and fast. The Ultra-speed feature of U32 Shadow 240GB SSD makes it unique from all other SSDs. Anyhow U32 Shadow is an amazing best external SSD drive that can serve you for a long time.
    • Fantastic drive. Great for backup/cloning
    • A little pricey, but much safer than most external hard drives.
    • Compatible with most devices
    • Attached cable may cause issues

    12) Shadow Mini™ SSD : Best External solid state drive 2017

    external solid state drivesCurrently, there are only a few portable best external SSDs on the market with different storage capacities. The demands are not huge, but they tend to be expensive. But the shadow mini from Oyen Digital Falls is available in amazingly affordable price range. It is covered with aluminum housing and has a super simple design that is available in two different colors black or silver.

     It has USB 3.0 port at one end of Shadow mini and a small light next to it which blinks when the device is running. The manufacturer and capacity information are also printed on the front of Shadow Mini.It is quite mini.The drive gets heated when it performs a lot of reading and writing, but it wasn’t uncomfortable for me to hold in hands. Shadow mini external solid state hard drive is also the best external solid state drive and good enough to make it on our list.

    However, I have noticed that if you leave it plugged in for a long period, the drive gets really hot.

    Specs and Features

    The Shadow mini gives the speed of 572 MB/s when connected to USB 3.0 port.It is housed with Aluminum and has a simple design. On top of that, the device is small enough to fit in pocket, bag, nook, or canny. Just cannot lose it.

    The drive comes in what seems to be an aluminum housing, and it feels very solid to the touch. There’s a very unobtrusive logo and model of Oyen Digital “Shadow Mini” on the front in white writing, and on one of the sides of the device, there’s the USB connector and status light. The bottom of the drive features four rubber non-slip feet, which in my opinion weren’t entirely necessary considering the portability factor of the drive, but it’s nice to have when placing on a surface like a desk or a table. The drive also comes with a black USB cable that’s about 1.5 feet long. I would’ve preferred a shorter cable for more portability, but it’s not considerably long so that it will come down to your own personal preference.

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the Oyen Digital Shadow Mini best external SSD drive, especially considering the speeds, and I’m sure you will too. Great product. Coupled with USB 3 superfast download. Backs up files in less than 30 seconds. Small footprint, easy to transport in provided pouch. The best external SSD wonder in our list.
    • Has to be reconfigured for Mac OS
    • May cause issue with latest windows versions

    13) Intel Solid-State Drive : Best External Solid State Drive 2017

    intel solid state drive reviewWith the grow of best external SSD industry manufacturers are trying to maintain their consumer presence with more value oriented consumer products. Same with Intel they have introduced their newest 540s SATA 3 SSD about 3 months ago. The Intel solid state drive 540s is their first best external SSD series to feature 16nm TLC NAND.As SSD technology is less prone to rash so no need to make a clone for protection.

    Specs and Features

    The Intel 540s SSD comes in 7mm 2.5″ form factor. It is available in 4 capacities 120GB 240GB 480GB and 1TB.Sequential speeds are rated for up to 560 MB/s read and 480 MB/s write speed. It also has an MTBF rating of 1.6 Million hours and an UBER rating of 1 sector per 16 bits read. In sense of features the Intel 540s provides support of TRIM and SMART monitoring. It also supports 256-bit encryption.

    • It comes formatted for PC
    • Fast and quiet.
    • Has to be reconfigured for Mac OS
    • May cause issue with latest windows versions

     Best SSD Buyer’s Guide

    All the information about best SSD’s is explained thoroughly and if you are still wondering which one you should choose follow along.

    For those who don’t know,Best External Solid state drives come with several things you need to consider before you spend your hard-earned money to buy one. Let me tell you what makes the best external SSD more best.

    How we test SSD

    SSD experience of the consumers always have been pleasent with the faster speed.But a great industry of gaming is also looking forward towards the gaming SSD’s for better and faster speeds in gaming.If you are next gen gamer of big games like word of warcraft in MMO or Batterfield 1 then you must be looking for a fast-loading SSD for better loading time.A best gaming SSD can make booting, reloading, installing in a game faster and smooth.But the SSD doesn’t deal with framerates as it’s handeled by GPU and CPU.

    A good SSD for gaming can take your gaming to next level and while selecting must take care of price per gigabyte.As we received lot of request from gamers so we have researched the SSD market to help you select the best gaming SSD 2017.The above reviews will help you differentiate between top gaming ssd.With the help of our bench-marking tools we help you select great SSD based on the type of flash memory and controllers.
    Now with the latest technology of NAND-based storage you can speed up your laptop and also store data longer than the tranditional spinning plates hard disk drives,but still we are struggling to get big capacity for NAND storage for multi-terabyte storage.The latest technologies in the SSD are 3D NAND, M.2 SATA Drives, latest NVMe drives and few of them are cheap , affordable , budget SSD and few are big, premium, expensive and best value for the money.

    This buyer guide will help you select the most affordable SSD within your budget and requirements but also if your pocket allows you can see some top-end ssd.Whileselecting a fantastic SSD you should keep in mind price/performance/reliability of drive.Now a days the storage capacities which latest SSD’s are offering are 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and even 4TB capacities which starts from cheaper ssd to expensive ssd.I’m sure if you don’t select a great SSD due to price you can still get a good ssd with great real-world performance, or a brilliant feature set.

    Crucial MX300 is the ideal SSD for a gaming PC because it used NAND flash memory to provide fastest results.For high-end tasks the ultrafast next-generation storage technologies such as M.2 and U.2 are being used except teh larger mechanical hard disks for bulk storage and they are coming in terabyte-sized drive.In the above table you can see The best budget M.2 NVMe SSD, and also recommended sata drives.In 2016 and 2017 Samsung has been at the top of the list for manufaturing of high-end SSD drives.

    Now you need to decide either you want excellent small boot drive or entry-level NVMe SSD. The drives we have mentioned above have been the top performing in 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 and now in 2017.Either they are entry-level, high-speed, affordable lowest price, fastest,expensive, high-capacity,older, latest, reliable or any kind of SSD.No doubt most people get 1TB NVMe SSD or 500GB PCIe SSDs, but MLC NVMe SSDs are not behind they are also performing well.Keep in mind 1TB ssd or 2TB ssd will contains hefty premium price tag but it’s worth.

    Upgrading your computer’s hard drive with best solid-state drive is good decision to make in 2018.This latest technology of storage has reduced long boot times amazingly and it speeds up how fast your programs and games load.Top SSDs offer solid performance at affordable price.If you are good at budget then must choose an expensive face-melting fast read and write speeds.As SSD’s don’t have spinning plates in them like hard drives therefore, they go longer and no fear of loosing data.

    Many premium SSDs comes in a 2.5-inch form factor and can communicate with PC or a Mac through the SATA ports that traditional mechanical hard drives use.With NVMe(Non-Volatile Memory Express) drives, the form factor will be of M.2 which can fit easily on modern motherboards, SSD’s which can easily sit on PCIe adapter and slot like a graphics card or sound card in your motherboard.So that’s why this buyer guide is crafted as it’s not an easy thing to pick perfect SSD with excellent performance and best budget.

    You must have to decide that you want an internal soli-state drive or external SSD.In case you are on very low budget check this best portable external hard drives list.

    NVMe SSD setup: What you need to know

    Before buying an NVMe drives be aware of the fact why you are buying.Standard SATA SSD reduce long load times and supercharge boot times and loading times.These are top price devices due to their technical features making them favorite and ideal drives for power users.

    You will get the most out of NVMe drives with a M.2 form factor like Samsung 960 pro best pcie drive , if you make the data transfers daily in large amounts then get this otherwise these drives are not worth for their premium price.

    Before you buy an NVMe SSD, your PC must be compatible to handle it.This new technology of SSD and HDD requires M.2 connections motherboards.In early years popular NVMe SSDs were mounted on PCIe adapters, before M.2 adoption spread, now they are rare.So make sure you are able to use an NVMe SSD before buying one, and note that you will need 4 PCIe lanes available.

    You need to run your operation system on the NVMe drives to get the max out of them.You must have a system which can recognize it and can boot from it.Recently bought PCs year or two year old should not have problem booting from an NVMe drive, but motherboard might not support them.So do some research to find compatible motherboard which supports booting from NVMe and can fit easily in computer case.You might also need BIOS update installed on board.if hardware cannot boot from an NVMe SSD, your machine can use it as secondary drive.

    Featues to look for in an SSD

    Most important things while getting a best ssd is cost and capacity. SSD’s own latest technology so from normal capacity good price starts and as you go towards huge capacities prices go up.Mostly the drives comes with a warranty which can alleviate fears of premature data death.So the biggest thing to keep in mind which matters a lot is technology used to connect the SSD to your PC.

    SATA: It’s a transfer protocol and connection type that is used to connect most 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives and solid-state drives to your PC.SATA 3(III) speeds can go up to 600MBps, and most modern drives max it out with excellent read/write.

    PCI-E: This interface lies in 4 PCIe lanes of your computer to blow away SATA speeds, and max out on nearly 4GBps over PCIe gen. 3.Those kind of blazing-speeds pair nicely with supercharged NVMe drives.In your motherboard both M.2 slots and PCIe lanes can be wired up to support the PCIe interface , also you can buy adapters which allow you to slot “gumstick” M.2 drives in PCIe lane.

    NVMe: Non-Volatile Memory Express technology works great with PCIe’s bandwidth resulting blisterignly fast SSD speed that blow SATA-based drives.

    M.2: Most people thing that all M.2 drives uses NVMe technology and PCIe speeds but it’s not like that.M.2 is just a form factor, well most M.2 surely have use NMVe, but some still stick to SATA. In today’s era modern ultra-books rely on M.2 or storage.

    U.2 and mSATA: You also might be confused with U.2 SSD and mSATA, but product availability and motherboard support are rare for these formats.Some older ultrabooks included mSATA before M.2 became popular, but they are still available if you need.

    Internal SSDs

    Ultrabook laptops and SSDs are basically developed for each other – as the lightweight and inconspicuous design of Ultrabooks internal SSDs can easily be adjusted and with spinning hard drive giving slow data transfer you can get get awesome ssd with higher and fast read/write speeds .Internal SSD’s are available in 1TB capacity, 2TB capacity and for shorter version they are in 240GB, 480GB and so on.

    What are TLC vs MLC vs SLC SSDs

    There are lot of triple-level cell (TLC) NAND technology SSD’s arrived.This technology allows to store three bits per cell.Compared with one bit single-layer cell (SLC) SSD’s gives best performance at higher prices cost and lower capacities, and multi-level ell (MLC) SSDs store two bits per cell.

    TLC allows greater data density, like used to increase the capacity of SSD on low prices.Sometimes TLC’s write performance gives poor results comparatively. While moving large data , once you exceeded the SSD’s cache during data transfer, transfer speeds of these drives can fall of a cliff.

    This is not a universal problem , it only occurs with big bathes of files , but storage makers don’t advertise this crippling SSD problem.Same behaviour can be seen in Toshiba TR200, Q300 and OCZ Trion 100. Even the Crucial BX200 with TLC-packing also suffers this issue, but it’s latest version BX300 is favorite budget drive.

    SSD vs HDD

    If you are done with slow speeds of so called fastest mechanical hard drives it’s time to upgrade to an SSD. Swapping the replacement drive in your laptop or desktop is what you have to do after buying a brand new SSD.

    SSD’s also come in terabytes but can be costly as per gigabyte will cost much more money compared with mechanical hard drives that’s why not often available in ultra-high capacities.If you want to achieve speed with normal storage then get an SSD like Crucial BX300 in 128GB, and use it as your boot drive, and make your traditional hard drive secondary storage in your PC.Place your most important programs on boot drive, throw media files and other data on the hard drive and you are ready to eat your cake.

    Solid state drives can be blended with hard drives in one drive called SSHD solid state hard drive but cannot achieve the speed of pure SSD. These M.2 drives act as cache and speeding up the most-used programs on your PC.But these hard drives speeds can get slow when you have blow past the 16GB or 32GB of cache.

    Sometimes SSD’s runs hot when kept using for long time, so always look for a reliable and flexible SSD which can work continuously as per your demand.A highly compact solid state drive can be pricier but if it’s performance is great it’s worth spending your bucks.In this era world has almost shifted towards more reliable data storage models even phones are using SSD except flash storage so buying an SSD is best choice to make in 2018.

    Thoughts on SSD

    The basic purpose of an SSD is to store data so that you can travel with your desired data or make an extra copy for the backup purposes or there can be a lot of reasons, but it depends on your situation how you would treat the drives.

    The main and basic feature that everybody is expecting from a best external SSD is the data transfer rates, or you can say the speed of reading and writing. There are a lot of drives in the market offered by different brands like Samsung, Sandisk, Mini Shadow, etc.

    Each brand drive serves with different speed rates. Most of the time the real businesses like Photographers, Videographers Music vendors and so on, they need fast services like moving data from one drive to another or making an extra copy of data, etc. So they really need high speed, and they select the best high-speed SSD in the market, and they pay that high price for achieving the results.

    But if you are not much concerned with the speed but your only purpose is to store data in a little pocket size thing then you can select the one’s which are cheap and not having much difference in the speed just few megabytes difference but still you will be getting good speed and I hope that you could have decided until now after reading the reviews above that which one will be fit enough for your needs.

    Here comes the final thing that if you are a pro, mature, photographer or a simple home based person who loves to travel while having an SSD in the pocket that contains the songs and movies, etc. You should follow along if you still did not decide which drive you should purchase.

    “ There are no strict rules that you should follow me you do what your pocket says.”

    Samsung T3 Portable is fastest still in the market supports USB 3.1 great performance reliability and durability and very popular among the renderers, photographers, videographers, etc. Samsung T1 has the same features expect speed but almost close to T3.External SSD 1tb is best for you.

    SanDisk extreme is also one of the favorite and most popular best external SSD among the users, but it’s a little bit slower than Samsung, but it comes with great results and except efficiency, durability is the key thing that its consumers likes about it.

    MyDigital best external SSD, Shadow Mini, and U32 Shadow are also in good positions in the market but sometimes they cause cable issues that arrive with them, compatibility issues and in some cases they get hot. But this happens in very rare cases, but we have to bring this information to you so that you can make the best decision. But still, all of these are giving good results to the consumers.Thanks for reading the guide of Best External Solid State drives 2017.

    This list contains ssd under 50, 100, 200 and other types like cheapest, smallest, largest while imac and ocs sshd are among mini ssd and work fine with windows 10 you can buy now from amazon sale.Upgrade your operating system with ssd speed sata iii ssd best for music production, multimedia storage and for gaming a true gamer should bang a buck ssd while top of the line inexpensive samsung 850 evo which can deal with audio production and workstation.

    Final Words – Conclusion

    As you know that the market of external solid state drives or best external SSD is pretty saturated, finding the perfect solid state drive is very difficult task. That’s the reason when lists of reviews like these come can play their role. The list was carefully developed, keeping in mind things like the needs of a customer and how much are they willing to spend for a best SSD.

    Overall, SSD’s are best option if you use them as external storage device or internal storage device, but the important thing that you tackle while working on your laptop of computer is it’s speed and now you have the way to achieve it to next level.You must have gone through the list of best SSD’s and have learned everything about these series of drives and now you can easily make your choice to get a professional SSD or playing your favorite PS4 games SSD with flexibility and reliability.

    We hope that this post helps you pick the best external solid state drive according to your budget. Remeber that evolution is the part of life, with the passage of time advance versions will continue to come. That’s the reason each drive is developed to suit the need of different consumers. We have added drives that are for budget oriented consumers as well as the drives that are for Businesses. If you think that we missed a good drive, let us know.

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