Best Electric Shaver Reviews 2018 Buying Guide

best electric shavers 2018

Get best electric saver 2018 or best electric razor from this list of top great shaver reviews crafted with hours of research.

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This ultimate guide of top electric razors is going to help you find a great shaver for facial hair and sensitive skin.We have researched hours to craft this list of top 10 electric shavers for men.

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Because we have honestly reviewed all the electric shaver reviews with pros and cons, this list of top ten shavers contains cheap, expensive and affordable electric shavers for the money which you can select according to your budget and requirements.

Our job is to tell you about every model with it’s features like two,three,four or fiver blades, flex motion, precision head, wet or dry, foil or rotary and then further details about these features to make you understand what type of elecric razer will be good for you.

Best Electric Shaver 2018 Comparison

The market is saturated with lots of shaver brands but it’s a tough job to select a best one hanging around.That’s why we end up making this list for you guys. View this comparison table below to differentiate between the bad and the best electric shavers 2018.

Without further ado let’s get into the list of top 10 best electric shavers.

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Featured Electric Shaver Reviews

Read these comprehensive electric shaver reviews to select your best electric shaver 2018.

1) Braun Series 7 790CC – Best Electric Shaver 2018 (since 2010)

Braun Series 7 is the most popular series by Braun which is a german Tech Industry. The 790cc model of this company is a shaver that is most sold ever yes it is the best electric shaver 2018 till today and hope it will rock the market in 2018 also.

Series 790cc give quite smooth and close shave compared to others.It has 3 trimmer on the top two of them called OptiFoil and the third one is ActiveLift. While the ActiveLift cuts in-grown and short hairs the OptiFoil deals with facial hairs within few strokes.Being a pulsonic electric shaver it generates 10,000 micro vibrations in a minute which is great and covers more hairs in each stroke.

It’s flexible head can move easily around your face contours.The Braun 790cc comes with an alcoholic cleaning and charging Dock to kill 99% of germs with single push of a button.According to your hairs and skin type, you have option to use this advance electric shaver in Normal, Intensive and extra sensitive personalization modes available.

The only negative of this amazing electric shaver is absence of Wet&Dry technology which is available in expensive variant 799cc.

Overall this little shaving wonder has bunch of great features like pivoting head, cleaning dock, personalization modes, 3 trimmer with remarkable build quality and design.It’s one consumers and mine favorite pick too and it’s recommended to select this as your best electric shaver 2018.
  • Best Budget Electric Shaver
  • 3 Personalization Modes
  • Flexible and Pivoting Head
  • Automatic Cleaning and Charging Dock
  • Great Build Quality
  • Missing Wet&Dry technology

2) Braun Series 9 9095CC – The latest launched electric shaver of Braun

This latest eletric shaver Braun Series 9 9095cc is another model launched by Braun recently.Hiding under the shiny chrome plastic makes it cool electric shaver.

It works similar to 790cc but an extra trimmer called Direct & Cut is added in this model which allows the shaver to align those hairs which grow in different directions and then eaily cut them.While another changed noticed in Series 9 is replacement of ActiveLift trimmer with advanced HyperLift trimmer which cut out the flat hairs.

Producing 40,000 cross-cutting actions in a minute(don’t mixup 790cc 10,0000 micro vibrations).Got a pop-up trimmer and close shaving experience is almost similar or bit more than Series 7.

It’s bit expensive than 799cc and also completely made of plastic while 799cc has metal head.You will be paying money for the features that you wouldn’t need with normal beard to shave daily basis.On the other hand it’s the most comfortable electric shaver for the skin.An extra feature is Wet&Dry technology to use on dry skin or with shaving gel for most sensitive skin.

Overall it got an extra trimmer, replaced an existing trimmer with an advanced one, Wet&Dry technology and being comfortable for the skin. All these great features makes it the best and recommended electric shaver but if your pocket allows you then must go for it.
  • Close Shaving
  • Wet&Dry Technology
  • Extra Trimmer called Direct&Cut
  • 40,000 cross cutting actions
  • All plastic built
  • Very Expensive

3) Panasonic Arc 5 – Best Electric Razor for Close shaving

The best shaving experience that Arc 5 is unmatchable with any other shaver in the market.If you tired of trying and going to quit electric shavers then must it a last try to be as your electric shaver and you will be satisfied.

Arc 5 is offered by a Japanese company Panasonic and it’s a foid shaver with 5 blades which provides extremely close shave.This small electric shaver never compromise with quality while using for thick and heavy beards.An LED panel allows you to charge it when needed and de-tach to avoid over-charging and comes with cleaning and charging dock.

The grat linear motor of 14,000 CPM helps preventing tugging and pulling like seen in cheap shavers.A side trimmer also serve you trimming beard and mustache.

This shaver has five foils of three different types : Three Slit Foils to cut long and bulky hairs.One Lift-Tech Trimmer to cut ingrown and flat hairs.One Finishing Foil to cut hairs missed by 4 other trimmers and grown in different directions.

Everything is just perfect except the comfortability as it’s less comfortable as compared to others.While in my case i got sensitive skin so i prefer a comfortable shaver.

Overall this is fantastic electric shaver but the only downside is comfort-ability. But that’s the case when you got sensitive skin, but if it matches your requirements as told about then must give it a try it’s still one of top electric shaver 2018.
  • Best Electric razor which gives great close shaving
  • 5 trimmers head
  • Best for heavy and thick beard
  • Wet&Dry Electric Shaver
  • Not that comfortable
  • Not good for sensitive skin


4) Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotary Shaver for Head and Beard

Philips manufactures the best and top rotatory shavers and no one can beat them in this.It’s perfect for head and beard.According to our testing its most comfortable and moves on your face contours smoothly and sticks with your skin giving efficient close shave.

The 3 round foils in head moves and stick around your face.Pivoting head allows it to reach on your face everywhere.The foils are capable to move upward, downward, tilt and spin to shave yor head.Due to the ability of moving in 3 dimensions, the head of this shaver is named as “GyroFlex 3D”.Like Lift-Tech in Panasonic and ActiveLift in Braun It has it’s amazing feature called “Super Lift&Cut” to cut in-grown hairs, stables, hairs on neck and flat hairs.

The downside of it is that it’s plastic body feels as cheap as it looks premium by the look.Also you cannot replace the fixed battery in it either you may need to replace the shaver which is not good.

Overall the great latest features with SensoTouch3D, Comfortable shave and Wet&Dry technology makes it one of the great rotary shaver but the downsides are also in front of you so if you can deal with it and it can serve you then give it a shot.
  • Three independent foils
  • Wet&Dry Technology
  • An outstanding choice for bald guy.
  • Poor build quality
  • Raplacement parts are quite expensive
  • Fixed non-replaceable battery
  • Chargeable only by dock don’t by cord.

5) Panasonic Arc 4 – Best Buddget(affordable) Close shaving provider

Arc 4 is biggest option with feature and affordable price. It do not have a charging dock but comes with 4 blades in head.It lacks comfortablity but best in giving extremely close shave.

Arc 4 got the same features like latest Arc 5 but a trimmer is missed in Arc 4 head and no cleaning and charging dock.The closest shaving is possible only due to the advanced and sharp 4 blade system.The blades are sharp enough and capable to pivot at 30 degrees around.The dual action moto or 14,000CPM makes it more powerful.

The battery life is only of 40 minutes after fully charged which is 10 minutes less than others.

Final words for this shaver are that it’s cheap electric shaver and best for the money but not according to the features.But depends on your pocket and demand.
  • Cheap Price
  • LED indicator
  • Not much comfortable
  • No charging and cleaning dock

6) Wahl Professional 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

The best choice for professional barbers is Wahl American based brand.To clean your sensitive skin, neck and jawline Wahl has given you a Dynaflex cutting system to reach those harder areas and stick for a while to close shave.This smallest electric shaver is powerful,bump free, affordable and solid electric shaver.

Its flexible enough to protect you from burns and cuts.Whereas smooth and close shave becomes possible due to Hypoallergenic foils and bacteria protection by antimicrobial protection.Which makes it best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Its good design allows you to use it easily. Made of plastic give preimum feel while using in cheap price.A pop-up trimmer available for sideburns and mustache.

“This finishing shaver works for stubble length hair only for daily basis but it’s vibrations makes it bit difficult to handle.”

Overall great for sensitive skin with hypoallergenic foil heads and a long battery life, portable enough to carry with you on travel and all these features in a small price makes it worth paying for it.
  • Hypoallergenic Foil Heads
  • User-friendly design
  • Travel Friendly
  • best for the money
  • High vibrations
  • No Wet&Dry Feature
  • Only for stubble length hairs
  • Uncomfortable

7) Philips Norelco AT830 – Affordable and Most popular Electric Shaver

When we see the list of most famous electric shavers then Philips Norelco AT830 must be in the top 5 electric shavers of all time.

It’s a Wet&Dry electric shaver with PowerTouch and many great features.It’s head is not capable to move in 3 dimensions like SensoTouch. DualPrecision technology capable it to deals with long hairs and stubbles with comfort and close shaving.The pop-up trimmer also available for mustache and beard.Battery life of 50 minutes with with backup is great and takes and hour to charge.A single charge can deal with 10 shaves.

This shaver is extremely comfort as rotary were introduced for this purpose and there it is being really smooth on skin.Use it like a tissue paper never press it hard and rest leave on AT83.It’s a mid-level electric shaver with lot of great features explained above. It’s a handsome and comfortable electric shaver which is easy to clean.
  • Comfortable and best for sensitive skin
  • Affordable
  • Little pivot capacity

8) Braun CoolTec – Smooth and Cool Electric Shaver

Another cool shaver by Braun with TEC(Thermo Electric Cooling) for sensitive skin.This Wet&Dry shaver is perfect for dry skin and 100% waterproof design which is plus point to clean it with water.
Generally it’s the best shaver for sensitive skin than others.It’s cooling technology is an amazing feature which won’t turn your face red when leaving the bathroom after shave because cooling technology takes care of your skin and cools it down while shaving.You won’t feel any irritation also minimized the redness and burning while shaving.

SensoBlade technology deals with hairs going in different directions. This little wonder has 45 minutes of battery life and gets charged fully in an hour.But keep in mind the cooling feature will reduce the life to 15 minutes on 1 full charge.It’s your desire to turn the feature on or off.

Due to the CoolTec function you have to use gels and foams which isn’t recommended and completely incompatible with external cooling fluids.

Overall this is a shaver with comfort-ability and unique design. Comparison to others wins this shaver in terms of features and price.So far this is the great electric shaver for sensitive skin the only negative is short battery life but if you can manage then grab a sale of this shaver.
  • TEC Technology
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Great design
  • Short battery life

9) Remington F5-5800 – Budget Electric Shaver (Under $50)

Remington is famous due to making mid range and entry level electric shavers.Also they introduced the cordless recharging system.It has 1 trimmer and 2 foils in the head.The pivot is capable to move downward and upward and tilt around the contours of your face with ease and comfort.

It’s user-friendly design makes it easy to clean.It’s waterproof so remove the head and clean it by rinsing in water.Totally irritation free even compared to the big brands like Braun.

Made up of all plastic and no close shaving and you will be worries about changing blades after 3 or 4 months. Also the motor gives lot of noise.

Overall cheap, budget-friendly and entry-level electric shaver all pros and cons explained but price is like $50 which is nothing compared to downsides.
  • Extremely affordable
  • Pivoting head
  • Comfortable
  • Blastic Body
  • No clase shave
  • Very noisy

10) Panasonic Arc 3 – Advanced and 3-Blade Cordless Electric Shaver

A shaver of price $30, $50, $500 doesn’t matter what matter is closeness.Panasonic Arc 3 with 3 blade system provides surprisingly close shave in a very low budget price compared to most top electric shavers of market.

The blades are extremely sharp on the pivoting head to give your close shave, LED panel to stay updated about the battery life. Wet&Dry technology for dry skin.All these premium features in a very small price.

Shaver do not have charging and cleaning dock which grounds the price compared with other panasonic models.

The hypoallregenic blades are good for sensitive skin. Pivoting head is adjustable to contour on your face and stick with it to provide smooth and close enough shave.

Overall this electric shaver gives bundle of features in very affordable price.Low price has omitted the cleaning and charging dock.But doesn’t matters do some hard work yourself cleaning it and enjoy the other great features in this very low price and give a gift to your sensitive skin in the form of Arc 3.
  • LED Panel
  • Wet&Dry
  • Smooth and close shave
  • Sharp
  • Noisy Motor
  • No cleanig and charging deck

Electric Razor Buyer’s Guide

If you still have not success choosing your electric shaver then below is the shaver guide to give you each and every detail about how to buy and what to look for while buying a best electric shaver also what are different types of electric shavers.Hope you will get some knowledge about the selection of your best electric shaver now.

best electric shaver

What is an Electric Shaver ?

An electric shaver is a small electronic device that has been most demanding since the last few years and the it was required by those men who have been spending hours to get properly trimmed shave regulary or with gap of two days.Generally, this device contains a built-in razor and a smooth shave mechanism.And a best electric shaver is gives quality shave in no time, safety and durability over long time.

Technically the shaver or razor(both are same) are dry machines which contains a razor inside that start working as soon as it gets power.Rather than shaving cream, foam or a soap they only require power supply to work.Shavers can rechargeable batteries and AAA cells either way.

The experience of traditional wet shave is as satisfying as the technological advances are happening over time.But still you have to lathering up and nicking your chin for best results.Either you look for a less-expensive, time saving or closer manual shave or tend to go for convenience, safety and versatality you are at right place to get a best electric shaver for men.

Types of Electric Shavers and which one is better ?

Today most of the modern electric shavers are of two types Rotary electric shavers and foil electric shavers and you will get to konw which one is best to choose.

Foil Electric Shavers
In a Foil electric razor there is a foil comb and under beneath it has rounded blades.And when hair passes through metal grating the edges trim the hairs while the razor moves back and forth.Ultimately you get smoothness, closeness(close shave) and design of your desir with Foil Electric Shaver.Also they are best for thin hairs, sensitive skin and can be used daily.So after our research from consumers and hair saloons we recommend this shaver.

Rotary Electric Shavers
Rotaty electric shavers got a different metal grating but working is similar to foil electric shaver but as compared to foil shaver they do not give smoothness like foil shaver.It cannot go long for daily shaving and works best for thick , curly or non-silky hairs.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver (Razor) ?

Electric shavers can be called as serious men’s hygiene tools and choosing an excellent shaver is challenging task and you need to go through number of important factors like overall value, ease of cleaning, closeness of shave, comfort, durablitity and many others explained below

Durability – After spending a dime of your money the shaver must be durable enough that it could live with you for a while to serve you better shave.So before buying perfect electric shaver must read about it’s durability.

Pop-up Trimmer – Some trimmers have pop out which allows you to clean not approachable side hairs and mustache easily.

Battery Indicator – An Ideal razor/shaver have LED indicators that indicated while charging and when battery is full.Like other electronic devices it’s a good thing and keeps you updated about battery life and also protect the shaver from getting over-charged.

Easy to clean – Either it’s rotary of foil electric shaver you should always care about the shaver to clean stuck hairs from it.It can cause malfunctioning the shaver too.Always select a easy to clean user-friendly shaver for your skin.

Waterproof Technology – Sometimes you may want to shave while bathing and that’s where the electric shaver must be waterproof. Take the right decision before buying a waterproof or regular electric shaver.

Corded and Cordless shaving – It’s noticed that while charging most of the shavers give great performance but again thist what you need to take care of while buying a good electric shaver.

Why an Electric Shaver ?

Time Saving : It hardly takes shaving with a charged shaver that’s much more flexible than manual razor or going at a saloon and giving a portion of your precious time.While going to office give it your five minutes and get the clean and glowing look all the day in your office.

Dry and Self-Sufficient : You don’t need any shavin form or cream to put it on your face then rub it and then shave it with manual razor. Old days are gone modern electric shaver works perfect on the dry surface and that’s what saves you from wet skin and traditional razor.

No Cuts & wounds : Unlike manual razors there are very extremely rare cased to get a cut or wound.But small acne bumps may get a cut with electric razor.

Final Verdict

To be honest we have wrote genuine reviews about all the best electric shavers from top-rated to very bad one’s and also those which have been performing well in the previous years like in 2014,2015,2016 and now in 2018.Briefed up each and everything honestly showing you the right path according to your budget and requirements. We care about your hard earned money and we cannot bear someone spending money on something that couldn’t perform well.That’s why we have done our proper research to bring up this list of top 10 best shavers to help you pick the right one for your needs.Get your favorite electric shaver and share this with your friends to help them select their perfect electric shaver.

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