Best Drones With Camera 2018 Reviews Buying Guide

best drones with camera 2018Looking for a best drone with camera 2018 ?

This ultimate guide of getting a best drone is going to be your final stop of getting a top drone with camera.Getting a highest-rated drone doesn’t means it should be an expensive drone but a best budget , affordable and best features drone is the one you need and that’s what we have done in this list.

You need to be sure that you want a beginner drone model, cheap drone for playing, or professional drone for making aerial pictures and videos.See this comparison table and reviews list to get going with your great drone with camera.

We have listed most popular brands and models and it took hours to gather information about the best drons for price and features.

Best Drones With Camera 2018

See this comparison table of best drones with cameras 2018

Drones With Camera Reviews 2018

Without further ado let’s get into these drone with camera reviews.

Best Overall: DJI Mavic Pro – Best Drone 2018

This small drone is the most powerful, portable drone.For quadcopter fans DJI Mavic Pro is fantastic choice.It contains OcuSync transmission system allowing it to cover as far as 3.4 miles range with a speed of 40mph and 27 minutes of flight time which is powered up by a powerful battery.GPS and satellite helps tracking precise location while it’s on a lengthy range from the base controller.It uses obstacle avoidance sensor technology which allows it to dodge anything that comes in it’s way.

Measuring 3.27 x 7.8 x 3.27-inch this little bottle sized drone looks and feels from it’s popular predecessor and has more angular shape and contour.You might feel it as a stealth bomber.It’s shoter legs allow it to land on it’s belly, and rear armos pivot downward to tuck at the underside as the arms at front fold inward toward the main body.It’s three-axis gimbal system and fitted camera makes it’s design unique and backpack-friendly.

It can also be used by remote controller as well as smartphone screen.The remote also is compact having two joysticks controlling motion, direction and height of drone.At the back there is a scroll wheel which allows to adjust the camera gimbal and the other one is open to programming.

It’s 12-megapixel high quality camera is capable to shoot videos at 4k resolution with 30fps, 1080p 96fps, and latter allows you to do YouTube and Facebook Live streams, and Periscope at 30fps.


2) Runner-Up, Best Overall: Best Camera: DJI Phantom 4

This super drone has dominated the market with it’s great video qulity camera along with amazing features and additional functionalities which also makes it’s price tag high.Most of the Phantom 4’s additional weight comes from the 5,350mAh batteries making it over three pounds.It’s safety system can detect obstalces while flying which makes it easy to navigate either controller is newbie or expert.

It can go with speed of up to 45 mph, and capable to fly four miles above sea levels, but under FAA regulations it comes at 400 feets in restricted areas.It can fly with multiple flying modes like sport mode, autonomous flying, positioning and many more allowing various capabilities all by handheld controller.This incredible and beautiful drone can stay in the for 28-minutes and takes about 75-minutes to recharge.

It’s 12-megapixel great camera is it’s reason of popularity , capable to shoot 4K resolution video and have a fixed f/2.8 aperture.This camera supports multiple image formats to be captured like RAW DNG, JPG, RAW + JPG with 12MP lens.It captures 4K video at 30fps and goes down to 1080p at 60, 50, 48, 120fps shooting.The gimbal allows leveling of camera while flying and helps avoid shaking of drone dory form appearing or affecting video.While makign excellent 4K video the 16GB memory card might get filled in a single flight.

Overall spectacular camera, amazing featrues , excellent specifications all packed up in this small drone with expensive price tag makes it one of the professional drone with camera.

3) Syma X5SC – Best Budget quadcopter

You have gone through some of the best high price quadcopters and drones but this one is the budget drone with some cool and awesome features.This best budget drone offers HD videos and pictures , sturdy frame, headless mode and six to eight minutes flight time and flight range of 150-foot.On the downside the battery takes 2 hours to rechrge and you need to keep in mind it’s due to low price tag. It’s not capable to bear the burst of wind and takes some times to bring the unit back to stability.Similarly it’s 2MP camera will let you take average photoes and videos.

But on the other hand being cheap doesn’t makes it bad aldo as it’s durable and reviews told that it bear door crashes, walls, trees and ceilings and scratches too.Similarly you won’t be in trouble if you need replacement parts as they are quite cheap also like blades or blade protectors.

It’s flight time is short too but you can extend it by attaching additional batteries.Overall this entry-level affordable dronie is a fun and best for the money also a good option for kids.

4) Syma X5C – Best Drone For beginners

Those getting first time a drone Syma X5C is the best, small and inexpensive drone to start with.Introduce yourself in the drone world with this low cost technology drone.It weights about 2.1 pounds and capable to fly for almost seven-minutes powered by a 100-minute recharge time battery.All these things are pretty much standard in this price range.

It can be flowen outdoors and indoors as it’s build wind-resistant.It achieves maximum stability in the flight with six-axis gyro stabilization.It comes with a 720p HD camera and a memory card of 2GB.It can take perfect photos and capture videos during the flight with ease.

It can cover 50 meters range and recommended is to use it for maximum at this range don’t corss it but you can if you are comfortable with it.The 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology is designed to avoid interference.It also offers four spare propellers and four spare blade guards which you can use in case of any damage they could be repaired.Though it has short battery life and built-in camera less than stellar but it’s a good choice for beginners.

5) Yuneec TYPHOON H RTF Drone Bundle : Best Flight Time

This six rotor compact hexacoptor is the best nimble drone with maximum flight time of 25 minutes per battery charge.This high-end drone is the favorite of professional drone lovers and first-time fliers.

For almost 30 minute sthis beast can capture stunning Ultra HD 4K footage with it’s 12 megapixel three-axis anti-vibration CGO3+gimbal camera, it can give 360-degre motion allowing you to take still images of perfect quality.This camera also has a wide-angle lens and allows you to see footage on any Android touchscreen of seven-inch.

Similarly this drone uses number of advanced safety machanisms like retractable landing gear, ultrasonic collision prevention and five rotor fail-safe insurance all these features help protect your investment made on this buddy.Some other features like point-of-interest focus,Orbit Me circular path a and curve cable cam are innovative enhancements in it.

Overall this compact drone with high resoulution camera and great safety features allowing maximum flight time than all other drones makes it one of the best drone to buy right now.

6) Hubsan H107C+ HD : Best Mini Drone with camera

Hubsan H107C+ is the best small mini drone which do not posses battery life or camera quality like these above cameras but it’s fun to have one like this and fly it.If you do not have enough case to invest in any heavy price drone then this drone model is perfect for you.It gives seven minutes flying time and capable to go as above as 150 feet but it can only do this show of 7 minutes when it’s charged for about 40 minutes.

Though it has a 720p camera which captures HD videos and imgesa while flying.It’s additional features like altitude hold for smooth and stable flight which don’t let any operator movement, six axis gyro for maximum stability all these features at this price point can amaze you.

Overall this lightweight budget drne is good as being a mini drone.

7) Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon : Best for Intermediates

This excellent drone can be handled only by those who have already flown an introductory drones.It comes with a three-axis anti-vibration CGO3 gimbal camera and optimized fixed focus lens,it captures outstanding images and videos with minimal efforts.It’s 12MP(megapixel) camera can take 4K stabilized images and 1080p at 120fps (frames-per-second) with slow motion still shots.It enables your smartphone to act as image viewfinder.

This modern, sleek and sharp looking drone is similar to the priced models but its portable and the legs and camera can be taken off without any tools easily.The impressive unique design of remote is also good, it’s half Android-control and harld joystick.This joystick allows you to control the camera while controllilng the drove so you can get a real-time view of drone flying.

The shutter buttons allows you to take quick image and videos.The levers also allows you to control flight speed and camera pitch.While unboxing it can be used in a smart mode to fly the drone manually.Angle mode allows taking best images and videos, Home mode calls it back to it’s original poiont form where it took off just by clicking a button.It gives a 15 mintues of flight time.

8) DJI Inspire 2.0 :Best for Professionals

If budget is not a problem for you then this best professional drone which contains a hefty price tag is the option for you.This beast quadcopter is typically used by professionals like aerial videographers , professional photography,filmmakers, news stations or deep-pocketed quadcopter lovers.This next level high-end drone is equipped with latest technology.It weights 7.2 pounds and contains a rotor span of 1.2 feet between each motor, which makes it necessary to register Inspire 2 FAA so that you can take outdoor flights.After that you can enjoy 27 minutes of flight time powered by dual-battery setup giving power to whole ancillary systems which includes stabilizers, sensors and cameras.Allows you to do flight above in 16,400 feet above in air.

It includes on-board Micro Four Third small 20-megapixel camera which supports multiple lens changes like 15mm f/1.7 and it supports 5.2K resoution quality in CinemaDNG takking JPG and DNG still photographs.It contains a 16GB microSD card but for professional use it’s not sufficient so getting a seperate storage is good option with high capacity.It captures 5.2K resolution video at 30 frames per second and 4K video at 60fps in CinemaDNG mode.

Beyond the camera, this beast can fly at maximum of 60mph and normally at 58 miles per hour which is a pretty good speed.It also includes and obstacle avoidence mode which limits it’s speed to 45mph.To fly with this speed it required great powerful hardware and fortunately it’s hardware is exceptional.The most durable carbon-fiber propeller arms will keep working if it hits a crash and the new prop locking system makes sure that rotors do not loose during the flight.

Well there shouldn’t be the conclusion for this type of drones as it’s an exemplary drone and top best of its kind actually the only one of it’s kind with such amazing features but yes a hefty price tag too but it’s worth.

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