Best Drones Under 300 Reviews 2018

best drone under 300Looking for a best drone under 300 ?

This ultimate guide of best drones will help you pick the great drone under 300, as the market is filled with lots of brands and models it’s difficult to choose the top-rated in affordable price.

We have crafted this list so that you can pick the right onw for you.See the comparison table below to see all the drones under 300 with their features to decide the perfect one for you.

Best Drones Under 300

Featured Drones under 300 Reviews

Without further ado let’s get into these drones under 300 reviews to pick the best for you.

MJX Bugs 2W
UPair one
Hubsan H501S
Traxxas Aton
3DR Solo
Force1 F100
UDI U818Plus
MJX Bugs 3
ZeroTech Dobby
Altair AA108

MJX Bugs 2W

The best drone under 300 dollars with great features on the market is non other than the MJX Bugs 2W.This smaller form factor basically comes with a built-in camera which makes it good to be sold and helps in aerial photography.

This small drone contains number of great functionalities which exceptionally comes in higher end modes, so let’s figures it out what does it bring with itself.

It comes with a 5MPX sensor camera which allows it to record Full HD videos.It’s way better than those entery level drone cameras which offer 2MPX with blury recording.It’s great image quality makes it one of the best drone under 300 dollars.

This smart drone contains integrated GPS modue which allows you to locate it easily.Similarly the very useful and ideal feature of this most popular drone is Return to Home and Altitude Hold.This model surely gives smooth recording and aerial cinematic footage.Last but not least the controllers are pretty responsive to control its movements.

Talkign about specs it can go up to 1000 meters of operating range and can stay in the air due to 18 minutes of flight time which is almost similar to the prices models of market.This successor of Bugs 3 is worth paying for the features it comes with.

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