Best Budget Cheap Mechanical Keyboard (March 2018) Reviews


This guide will help you pick the Best Budget cheap Mechanical Keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards are way better than the standard keyboards, and true gamer are the ones that especially like to have at least one best mechanical keyboard to enjoy their gaming experience. Because under beneath each key there are individual mechanical switches that offer a variety of benefits. While using a mechanical keyboard you will surely enjoy typing and clicks.Best Mechanical Keyboard

We have researched gaming forums and articles to craft a list of the best cheap mechanical keyboard so that if you don’t have enough budget to buy a hefty price tag keyboard so you could buy a best budget mechanical keyboard. In this list of best mechanical keyboard we have the cheapest mechanical keyboard that is under $50 you can check it from the list given below.Most people like to buy cheap gaming monitors along with cheap mechanical keyboards.

All the reviews of individual mechanical keyboards are honestly written and well researched from different authentic sources like gaming forums , communities and websites to help you pick the affordable mechanical keyboard for your games.This list of best budget mechanical keyboard will help you pick the right one.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard 2018

This list of mechanical keyboards contains fresh list of best mechanical keyboards 2017 and is updated each month.

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Mechanical Keyboard Reviews

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Tomoko Blue Switch 104-Key LED Mechanical Keyboard

Tomoko Blue Switch is the full-size mechanical keyboard.It contains 104 keys and many multimedia shortcut keys. Each key emits light due to the rainbow LED arrangement on them.Also you have nine patter modes of rainbow to select and you can adjust patterns speed, brightness etc.

This keyboard uses an alternative of Cherry brand switches which is Blue Gaote Switches.They also work fine and have N-key rollover also which registers all keys that are pressed.

Blue switches offered by any brand gives great tactile and clicky experience.While typing gives some noise but overall blue keys are great for speed typing.This keyboard is little expensive but durable and it’s spill-resistant design helps to protect from water damage.If you ignore the loud volume of keystrokes then Tomoko 104-key keyboard is great mechanical keyboard 2017.

Contains own number pad
LED array can be customized
Ergonomic water-resistant design

Keystrokes maybe loud
No color mapping
large desk footprint

CM storm QuickFire TK

QuickFire is one of the most popular budget mech keyboards offered by Cooler Master and likely it’s under 100 mechanical keyboard it also contains standard Cherry Mechanical Switches for its keys.

QuickFire sports highly-rated and linear key style Red Cherry MX switches.Giving light actions these switches are amazing and offers gaming advantage and half-pressing or double tapping might be handy.

They are available in Cherry Brown or Green switches, and their ten key version is way cheaper than standard rapid tankeyless model.

The lase-etched RGB backlit of QuickFire has helped us a lot while using it.The plastic casing around doesn’t look great and the font on the keys is also weired but you may find them cool.

Cherry MX switches are great for gaming
Removable USB cable

Paint will peel plastic casing
Not good font style

Tomoko Blue Switch 104-Key Black Mechanical Keyboard

Blue Switch is the full-size keyboard design offered by Tomoko and it’s bit pricier than 87-Key version keyboard but has great build quality.It has the metal base.Its keycaps are long lasting and attractive and this latest model is the great version of Tomoko keyboards.

It doesn’t have any backlit keys or wrist rest but it’s functionality makes it similar to the best mechanical keyboard with responsive blue switches.This model contins Blue Gaote switches which means this keyboard gives a great tactile feel and louder clicking switching.Also the N-key rollover helps preventing missed presses and ghosting.

Being rounded the keys can be navigate easily.If you have been using CM storm Quickfire then you may see a little shift but overall this can be your favourite typing keyboard.You will fall in love with Function key shortcuts and with windows lock key you can let the games running behind.

This keyboard doesn’t comes with luxuries like LED lights or number pad.But if you need good value with blue switch mechanical keyboard then it’s top pick for you.

Windows key lock
Durable and water-resistant design

No wrist rest
No backlit keys
Integrated USB cord

Razer BlackWidow Stealth Keyboard

It’s claimed to be the first gaming mechanical keyboard every by Razer.Their stealth design and this iconic design are combined with more silent gaming switches for non-gamers.You may also see vibrant green LEDs and a special software to controll them.

Razer also have their unique font style on the caps if you like traditional then it depends.At one side besing so luxury doesn’t means that this keyboards sacrifices durability, as the solid key caps, braided detachable USB cable and hefty frame makes it one of the top mechanical keyboard 2017.

It uses proprietry Green switches because they are great for gaming due to the shallower activation point and a lighter action than many of the common blue switches.With 10 key rolloverit performs well under the frenzied use.

You may put some extra effort to muffle key clicks which can be louder sometimes.Due to this light action of gaming-oriented switches and added muffling features it offers something that you would be ready to spend extra dime for this midrange keyboard.

Quitier Keystrokes
Vibrant green LED lighting

Hefty price tag
Useless software for controlling LED lights

Azio MGK1-K Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Azio is a great midrage mechanical keyboard with number of convenient and ergonomic features.A number pad and shourt cut keys are included in this full-size keyboard and are illuminated by simple white LED backlights.It’s one of the busy gamer designs and you can control the brightness with your desire because it’s adjustable.Also you will love the window key lock for gaming.

It used Brown Switches which gives clicky tactile feedback which is almost closer to Cherry Clears.With Kailh switches you may see feather-fingered typists type faster.The cool features of this high quality keyboard are detachable wrist rest and volumer controller.A black anodized aluminum face plate you may see holding everything together.

The downside is that you may sometime experience stickiness or metallic rattling with wider keys like backspace, enter or shift keys due to the stabilizer wire.But aside this small issue Azio MGK-1 is amazing , elegant, great and clever mech keyboard which cuts many tops brands and their performances which double of it’s price.

Detachable wrist rest
White adjustable LED backlight

Hefty price tag
Wider keys may feel clunky
Havit HV-Kb378L RGB

Best budget cheap mechanical keyboard

best budget cheap mechanical keyboard

If you still could not decide what should be your desired mechanical keyboard then you can follow this buyer guide this guide will take you through the necessary steps required while selecting a cheapest mechanical keyboard. If you budget is $100 then i will recommend this best gaming keyboard under 100 for you. Let me tell you the different aspects on which you should decide that you should choose this keyboard.For you we have highlighted some of the best mechanical keyboards in the list above mentioned as Editor’s choice you can select then without any hesitation. But still having confusions follow along.

Old computer user might know that at a time room-filling clicking was synonymous with the typing as words appearing on a sheet of paper.Typewriters have been used as mechanical keyboards by generations of novelists and office workers.They were so common that have been used as a part of computer setups as floppy disk drives in 1980s, because people who were busy in creating and using them knew about the future of typing.

But in 1990 with the advent of home PC market and in 2000 these sturdy fixtures left behind as manufacturers started looking for cheaper mass-market solutions to bring tens of millions of users and people on their machines and online.One of the most common computing activities was typing which you and your fingers had to used to it.

Luckily mechanical keyboards are again back, viable and are even popular and best alternatives to cheap keyboards in the market.If you want to buy a better designed keyboard then keep reading to get yourself a best one.

Basics of Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is defined by the switch it uses.Dome-switch technology is being used by most budget keyboard, It connects two circuit board traces when you type and push down a silicone dome which registers a keypress ultimately.While for manufacturer it’s easy and inexpensive approach but it requires a large amount of force, which may feel heavy to the user and may also cause lack of auditory feedback or tactile feedback when typing.Even after a short time of five million keystrokes almost the domes may stop working(collapse) or work
less.That means you may need to replace the keyboard with your computer life.

Mechanical switches doesn’t contains silicon.Pressing down the key activates a physical and real switch that registers what words you type.Because the parts in that are being used are more substantial as compared to those in done-switch keyboards, life span of mechanical keyboards is way longer(around 50 million keystrokes less or more) and a direct relationship between the typist and whats being typed on screen.Mechanical keyboards are much thicker,
heavier expansive due to the hardware involved as compared to dome-switch keyboards, making them more of an investment.But if quality of typing matters to you then you should be willing to pay then.

Pay close attention to the switches in a keyboard when shopping for a good keyboard, Either it’s auditory feedback(a click you can hear) or tactile feedback(you can feel), also the switch require amount of pressure to activate(the actuation force) will affect its functionality.

All the Cherry MX Switches

Cherry company offers most frequent and best mechanical key switches.Different style of operations and feedback are offered by Cherry MX switches which may match your personal preference or whatever you play(all with actuation point of 2mm).While now its your chance to see which cherry switch is common and better so you can buy your keyboard with that one.Similar styles may be found by the products of many manufacturers with same colors to
confuse you but don’t worry after reading you will recognize them.

Cherry MX Blue : MX blue switches are good because you can feel as well as hear the keystrokes because they are both Feedback and Tactile. Those who are serious typist its the best choice for them and not best for gaming, due to the high actuation force (50 centi- Newtons or cN) than you would also prefer fast-twitch gun battle. Sometimes the audible click may sound loud which annoys many of people in close quarters, at home or at office.

Cherry MX Black : Cherry MX black switch has the highest actuation force of 60cN.It’s wholly unsuitable for the nimble key work most speed and touch typists are relying on.But it is also the excellent switch for the situations where percision is very important like in gaming or entering mission-critical data or you can accidentally striking a key twice. Cherry MX Black isn’t tactile nor clicky.

Cherry MC Red : With lowest actuation force of 45cN Cherry MC Red also don’t have auditory and tactile feedback.Now you can hit more often and quickly in any ultra-quick input.If typing is your primary activity then it’s a good choice for you.Because it allow more keystrokes to register than you intend.

Cherry MX Brown : If you are always busy in first-person shooter games or dealing with word documents and scribing emails then cherry MX brows is good choice for you.It’s not clicky but 45cN actuation speed is same as in Red switch but you can get typing-boosting tactile bump that you may get in blue.

Cherry MX switches : You may see all the above switches in the keyboards you purchase now a days but Cherry’s rainbow contains something extra.Clear switches possess a higher actuation force and are tactile like brown, Green switches are both click and tactile and are still Blues,White switches are quieter Greens.Many other types have specialized uses but won’t be available that easy on any marketing material.

Some other Switches

Many companies trying to make similar switches to Cherry MX functionality.Few of the gaming keyboard switches have shorter actuation points to put you into action faster, and Mecha- Membrane by Razer used mechanical means to activate the silicon dome switch.Any of these new switches couldn’t become as popular or widespread as the switches offered by Cherry MX.Well they aren’t for any use of use so it’s not worth discussing them.If you ever face any keyboard brand with unfamiliar switch then must confirm the actuation force and actuation point.Compare them with Cherry switches and you will get and idea what is bes for you.

A quintessential mechanical example of an unusual switch is buckling spring switch that was used lately in 1980s by legendary IMB Model M keyboards and few of them are still used now a days.You can also see them in many keyboards by company(Unicomp) aquired it’s manufacturing rights.A genuine spring is used by buckling spring keyboards to activate the switch when you press it in the middle it buckles and it causes tactile and aural feedback.These kind of keyboards are also rare these days but they are credited for the psychological satisfaction and the unparalleled typing capability.Because the switch actuate at the same instant and this cannot be seen in any other type of mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard Additional Features

Except the switches mechanical keyboards of all brands are almost similar to each other in sport and features.You can set the back lighting of one color of may set the whole spectrum.You can activate Multimedia controls by Function keys or by pushing separate buttons.Function keys are also helpful as secondary ability to adjust volumes of your playing music and move the tracks forward or backward.Dedicated macro controls saves your typing long strings in gaming to perform a common actions.

A mechanical keyboard will be better than a keyboard in case of style, heft and longevity.Mechanical keyboards are long lasting and are perfect for the consumers which are hard-core gamers or laser-focused typists or someone similar to these.

If you are not up for mechanical key switches then you should look for a guide of best gaming keyboards or a round up of best general-purpose keyboards.Also if you want best gaming mouse then you should see this guide of best gaming mice.


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