Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers (April 2018) Portable Reviews

best Bluetooth speakerYour search for the best Bluetooth speaker 2018 may end here because we have crafted this list that contains great, good, small, mini, little, bigger, loudest, cheap and affordable speakers according to your demand which you can buy right now.

We have researched hours and hours to collect the right information and picked what is worth your money from bluetooth speakers to rugged and waterproof and ultra-portables.We also have mentioned the top performing speakers of 2014,2015 and 2016 so that you can see which brand of the market has been top performing.

Now a days the market is saturated with lots of brands and products that’s what triggered us to create a list of top 10 bluetooth speakers for our consumers so that they can select the best portable speaker 2017.We have wrote the bluetooth speaker reviews honestly and Pros and Cons of every product to help you pick the top-rated speaker.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2018

All the speakers we selected have best performance and features like best sound quality, loud voice, best sounding and much more.

Product Name   Price
Amazon Echo – Black
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II
UE Boom 2
Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920
UE wonderboom
Harman Kardon G0 + Play 2
Riva S Bluetooth speaker
Dali Katch
Creative Muvo 2C
Bluetooth Minring Portable speaker
Ruark Audio MR1 MK2

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1) Amazon Echo – Black – Top Rated Bluetooth Speaker

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2) Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – Best Bluetooth Speaker 2017

The Bose Soundlink Mini II is bit ancient(relased in june 2015) but a great mini speaker and have been the top performing since then.In 2016 It has been the best sounding wireless speakers.It produces deep bass, sparkling highs and a lush midrange.So far this is the best small speaker for sound.

Sound coming from this particular model seems to come from a much larger source. With that said this small portable speaker has tiny drivers but they don’t sound it.This little wonder’s sonics expand way beyond it’s dimensions.

You can listen your favourite music longer than usual because of the battery life of Bose SoundLink which is up to 10 hours. It’s dimensions are 2 x 7.1 x 2.3 inches(H x W x D) and weighs only 1.5 punds which means you can carry it easily anywhere.You need to be close enoug to listen properly because it’s wireless range is 30ft(10m).It contains Aux-input but don’t have USB charging.Also don’t have NFC(Near Field Communication similar to bluetooth technology).

Overall Bose Soundlink has great design and look and the ratings and reviews it has achieved because of its features and performance and affordable price makes it the best portable speaker of 2017.
  • Charge dock
  • Dual Passive Radiators
  • Compact form factor
  • Built like a tank
  • No NFC or multipoint bluetooth


3) UE Boom 2 – Best Wireless Speaker 2017

The demand of everything in a bluetooth speaker is nailed by UE Boom.You can listen the music very loud and clearly with no distortion.UE Boom is durable, portable and loud bluetooth speaker.Being the waterproof speaker makes it the best bluetooth speaker for most occasions.

If we talk about features then the first thing gets our attention is it’s tremendous battery life which is about 15 hours. The wireless range is about 30+ feets in a clear space.This little wonder weighs 1.2 pounds and it’s easily portable.The frequency response is 90Hz-20Khz.Contains an Aux-input and USB charging ports.Two 1.75″ drivers and two 1.75″ x3″ passive radiators are also required by the UE Boom.

If this is your first or your next bluetooth speaker then you should be wise to choose this as your best loudest portable speaker 2017.
  • Brilliant Design
  • Waterproof
  • Robust Features
  • Battery life isn’t improved over original

4) Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 – Best Budget

It’s a little hectic job to find a good bluetooth speaker which is cheap and affordable for the money.Most of these are expesive but finding a great speaker with all features and and withing the budget is a good deal.

That’s where Jam Heavy Metal Hx-P920 comes into play.This little wonder is not so costly and has a very little cost of $$ bucks.But being less pricy doesn’t compromise over quality and features. It sounds loud as some of the competition costing over $$$ bucks.That makes it the best small wireless speaker. Passive radiators are used in it to squeeze big bass audio from this tiny and little speaker.

For small budget with all the necessary features this is the great choice to select as your best portable speaker.
  • Top for value
  • Aluminium frame
  • Content

5) UE wonderboom – Good Bluetooth Speaker

Wonderboom is one of those ultimate Ear’s range Bluetooth speakers that are popular among their consumers due to the incredible volume and rugged designs.And this is the one which is mosly recommended when you are on travel so get benefit from this best value.

Wonderboom comes in variety of colors so you have options to find one of your taste.What makes it best is surviving submersion to 1 meter for 30 minutes that’s cool and could be used along poolside.It can float also on the water making it the cooler speaker of 2017.

Giving great sound quality with this small size with plenty of bass and 10 hours of battery time makes it unique of all the portable speakers from UE and it can be the perfect pick for you too.

  • water resistant
  • 40mm active drivers
  • No




6) Harman Kardon G0 + Play 2 – Best Large Portable Speaker

Well it depends generally the most popular portable speakers are always quite small and ready to go with you anytime.But on the other hand Harman Kardon is big produces big bass weight and sheer scale of sound which most batter-powered speakers can’t even touch.

It’s refinement anables you to use it with BBQ and for hi-fi.The carry handles make Harman Kardon tranporting easy.The battery life is up to 8 hours and when battery goes down the volume doesn’t drops.That makes it a pure bluetooth wireless speaker and allows you to use it for multi-room.

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Hi-fi scale sound
Metal Carry Handle


Overall Harman Kardon has great features and it’s big in size which means it’s price is bit higher than others but best option for your to select if you want to make your weekend parties loud.

7) Riva S – Best sound in a small speaker

Riva S is amongst one of those special wireless speakers that provides best sound quality per square inch.Riva S has got more drives than any other speaker of its size.Three active drivers and four passive drivers reside in this little guy which are smaller than a size of house brick.

It’s loud but not cheap and is the most musical-sounding speaker of its class.Offers battery times of up to 13 hours, being water resistant and containing seven drives makes it the top speaker 2017 in the list of expensive bluetooth speakers.

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Water resistant
seven drivers

Overall this is a gret speaker but price is little high so same features can be found in other speakers with less price so not recommended by the editor’s

8) Dali Katch

Dali Katch is one of the bluetooth speakers that are most expensive.With that said it’s worth paying that much price if you really want a great sound quality above all other portable speakers offering at low or high prices.

With great design Dali contains some serious speaker tech which ensures that your music must sound the best.The moment you will first listen your favourite songs from this beast you will instantly know that you have paid for the right thing.You can increase the volume to empressive levels and it will automatically balance it’s composure control.With that said battery life is also amazing offering 24 horus of battery life which means you can listen all the day and night and your party won’t stong and you wan’t be worries about it’s charge.

  • Content
  • Content

2 x 25w Class-D digital amp
aptx Support

Overall the most expensive and the recommended pick if you want real quality and loud sound for your songs.

9) Creative Muvo 2C – Best For Size

Creative Muvo comes into the list of most compact bluetooth speakers 2017.It’s a good speaker for better sound to connect with your smartphone.Giving priceless features it’s price is in $$ bucks which is not that much.It contain a built-in MP3 player and a passive bass radiator which has pretty serious oomph for such size speakers.

Don’t worry if this tiny wonder drops in water it’s splasproof and it also enables you to connect it with your laptop over USB and it’ll perform as external soundcard and similarly a speaker.It’s sound will be much better than the speaker of your laptop.

It is a compact speaker but the battery life isn’t that great just 5-6 hours and it’s understandable because Muvo 2C is very small.You can select the color of your taste from the four different color options available for you.Two of these speakers can be paired in stereo mode if you wanted to.

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Overall this speaker is cheap and worth for money but has a very small battery life time so depends on your needs if you can settle with it then it’s for you.

10) Bluetooth Minring Portable speaker – Bluetooth portable speaker

Well you will be happy to hear that it was the first portable speaker and now it’s available in the bluetooth version.

Most driver smart speakers provide larger rectangular speakers with great bass but MiniRig is not that easy to defeat.It has 3-inch driver and it’s super efficient, and helps MiniRig to operate for up to 50 hours after charge which is quite impressive.

When you are using wired connection not the bluetooth this figure can also be applied.But MiniRig can beat any rival speaker when used as wireless too.

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11) Ruark Audio MR1 MK2

A best class leading DAB and all-in-one hi-fi system speaker is Ruark and offers best sound-per-pound makes it the best bluetooth stereo speaker 2017.

It retro-chi cabinets allows it to produce excellent hi-fi sonics from it.With the help of optical input then can be hooked with TV or boosting audio like a soundbar, producing the subwoofer output makes it fancy though.

An extra battery pack also comes with it and helps it to play continuousely for 12 hours of portable payback.

  • Content

  • Content

Portable Bluetooth speaker
powerful audio performance
solid audio performance
best outdoor focused designs
powerful bluetooth audio performance
budget-friendly bluetooth speaker
outdoor frienly design
multiroom audio system
user-friendly bluetooth and Wi-Fi audio experience
Powerful sound
1) Amazon Echo

Buyer Guide Bluetooth Speaker

If you want a top speaker with cool design for your living room,Shake and water resistent waterproof model that can float in the pool then follow along this buyer guide to get a top performing bluetooth speaker for you.

Why Bluetooth ?

Well you may have the experience of smartphone and tablet speakers and all of these small, flat objects which can be easily fit in your pocket might not give you the good sound.So while you are on the go and can’t take your entire sound system with you then you need a pair of best portable bluetooth speakers which you can carry wirelessly.

You might be thinking that after getting the best bluetooth speaker how would you use them. The integrated bluetooth technology helps you to use speakers through bluetooth-enabled laptops or desktops or through you Android , IOS phones.The flexibility of the wireless speakers is that they don’t require a Wi-Fi network which makes them better than Apple AirPlay speakers.Still, many things to consider while getting your best wireless speaker 2017 for the money.


best portable speakers

Form Factor

Bluetooth speakers systems can also be connected with your HDTV, PC or you cal use them as portable.But bluetooth is the secondary option like Audioengine HD3 the excellent speaker.For wireless audio at home these types of speakers are great.So follow along the list for more smaller, bag-friendly speakers and best computer speakers.


Few of the bluetooth speakers may be using rechargeable batteries, so don’t worry about carrying them with you without power outlet.But when you get larget speakers for PC or home theater then you will need a dedicated power supply to run, while you can connect your devices with those large speakers wirelessly.Size with respect to power matters for the speakers because the smaller a speaker is it’s sounding will be less powerfull.

If you are not worried about portability then you will get extra benefits that regular bluetooth speakers don’t offer.The perfect example of this is Amazon Echo which is connected through Wi-Fi and enables you to talk to the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.It’s worth that this feature doesn’t reply only on the bluetooth – An internet connection is required for Alexa to work.


You may have selected your best portable speaker 2017 but keep in mind that all the speakers are not built to be used by the pool or carried around outdoors. To bear the drops, dunks, gunk and splashes you need Rugged speakers.All other speakers comes under non-rugged speakers list.So technically a rugged speaker will act like a brick insted of a little audio device.If you are going on a beach or want to take your little speaker to the lake, the slopes, on the sewers then look for the speakers with IPX ratings and water/shock resistance guarantees.

Audio Quality

While getting your best wireless portable speaker the sound quality must be the top priority.Many speakers do not offer many things in case of features but they produce top-noth audio. Not everyone need big bass, but if your speaker is tiny, it must be able to reproduce low frequencies at high volumes accurately without distorting.

When you are shopping for a great speaker look for balanced and clean sound because clarity is more important than sheer power.It’s very important to keep the size of speaker system in mind if your requirement is to use it for a whole party instead of a small room then you should be looking for a bigger speaker, the louder it can get while still sounding good.


Auxiliary input can also be used for connectivity on most bluetooth speaker systems.Basically it’s an option to connect smartphone or tablet with wire.If you are getting a small or inexpensive speaker a 3.5mm aux input isn’t a certainity.Whereas, some speakers helps serve multiple purposes, and many speakers are using multiple wireless standards.

Apple’s Airplay never have bluetooth and other Android-friendly wireless systems but things have changed and now many things are overlap, and now you might have seen some speakers pulling double-duty as both Wi-Fi system and Bluetooth systems.

For instance you may take the example of Libratone Zipp Mini, which performs double as an Airplay and Spotify Connect speaker.For multiroom audio the JLab Block Party speakers can be paired together over 5.8GHz channel.When you connect your Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi network it start working because its basically a voice-controlled speaker. So you need to speak it play music, in case you do not want to stream audio over bluetooth.To beat portability over flexability these multi-platform speakers are best.

Budget or Price ?

Well it depends.

At the end most money always buys the best overall product. But speaking honestly the higher-end models sounds better, but you may not get the features you expect for the price.What you need to do is get the best sound for the money, along with the desired features, at price you can afford.

For best price the best option is to shop online.You can do little bargain hunting on the web.You can also look for the similar speakers that you seein our list.So best of luck to you now it’s time to get a best bluetooth speaker either it’s under 200,100 or 50. You will choose wisely because this guide is enough to teach you how to select your favourite bluetooth speaker.

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