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best 3d Printer 2018Getting a best 3D printer 2018 can be a challenging task due to number of brands in the market offering good printers in affordable price making it difficult to decide which brand and model is perfect.This guide of top ten 3D printers will help you pick the great 3D printer 2018.

In 2018 only the industrial business owners and professionals cannot buy these high-end machines but they are not available to scholes, libraries, designers and consumers.According to any business type there are different affordable and compact 3D printers and for home too.

We have personally researched this list of top ten printers to buy in 2018 so that you can pick the right one for you.See the comparison table below to get more details about each printer.

Best 3D printers 2018

1) MakerBot Replicator+ : Best of 2018

MakerBot Replicator used Fused Deposition Modeling (DFM) printing technology for prints.The minimum layers resolution it comes with is 100 macrons and the max goes to 400 macrons. It measured around 528 x 441 x 410 mm and weights around 22.8kg. It’s large in size fast in speed and simple to use but contains a hefty price tag also.

It’s the successor of the most popular MakerBot Replicator printer and this new version of it contains lots of improvements in every part.Which means it’s faster and quieter than its predecessor and gives an excellent design and safety features.This desktop 3D printer is not that cheap but it is user-friendly for hobbyists and home users.

Getting a best 3D printer in this saturated market is a total confusion where there are lot of brands with different models according to price according to the size according the features and functionalities and last but not least different according to the needs like for schools their usage is different for a designer it’s usage is different and for  business professionals.

There are lot of best brands which offer such amazing machines in low-price which are affordable for beginners also.This buyer guide will help you know about the details of each 3D printer so that you can get to know about the prefect 3D printer in affordable price budget.

2) XYZprinting da Vinci Mini : Best Budget 3D Printer

XYZprinting da Vinci Mini is the best budget 3D printer 2018.It’s the easiest affordable printer but being cheaper model also compromises on quality.It is easy to use and the objects i produces are also impressive in this price range and for this size of printer.This compact printer is good for office or in a desk.

It uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) print technology with a minimum layer resolution of 100 macrons and 400 macrons maximum.It measured about 390 x 335 x 360 mm and weighs around 10kg. Overall this low price and easy to use software comes with a flakey software, one thing you might stuck is removing the printed objects gets difficult sometimes they stick and you need to push to loose them.

3) Ultimaker 2+ : Professional 3D printer 2018

This 3D printer gives amazing high resolution print quality being a professional printer.It’s reliable and easy to use and comes with a open-source hardware and software.It has open frame design so you can see the objects while they are being produced.It makes incredibly impressive 3D replications with accuracy which makes it fantastic 3D printer 2018.

It is best in features but also expensive too, not that beginner-friendly recommended for professionals.It uses Fused Deposition Modeling printing technology and 20 macrons resolution minimum and maximum of 600 macrons.It measures around 342 x 492 x 588 m and weighs about 11.3kg.

4) Formlabs Form 2 : Excellent enthusiast 3D printer

Formlabs Form 2 is one of the brilliant printers which offer flawless print quality and great interface.Using stereolithography print technology it has minimum layer resolution of 25 microns.It has dimension of 350 x 330 x 520 mm and weighs around 13kg.

Well it’s not the most reliable printer but offering very best print quality makes it excellent and take a moment to learn how to use it.It’s beautifully-designed 3D printer and you can connect it through Ethernet,Wi-Fi and USB with PC.

5) M3D Micro 3D Printer : Bes 3D printer for beginners

M3D Micro 3D Printer uses Fused Filament Fabrication technology for printing and offers minimum layer resolution of 50 macrons and maximum layer resolution of 350 macrons.It measures about 185 x 185 x 185 mm.This is a small and cheap printer but works slow and doesn’t gives the best print quality and best printer for beginners 2018 so that they can practice it, test it and learn to use it.

This printer is good for adult kids best for the money too so that they can learn using a 3D printer and move on to a modern or latest model after that. It’s compact, cube design means it can be placed in home or office easily.To make small models it’s perfect choice.

6) FlashForge Creator Pro 2017 : Great mid-range 3D printer 2018

FlashForge Creator Pro 2017 is an excellent printer with very good print quality and available in good price.But with all these plus things a negative thing is noise it makes while producing objects.It used Fused Deposition Modeling print technology and has a minimum layer resolution of 100 microns and maximum of 500 microns.It measures about 526 x 360 x 389 mm.

This budget 3D printer 2018 is an expensive professional model.Not that pro but good enough for maintain itus build quality and reliability you would expect of professional 3D printers.It works with great accuracy and best for intermediate beginners and yes it’s loud.

7) LulzBot Mini : great 3D printer for beginners

LulzBot Mini offers 50 microns minimum layer resolution and 500 microns maximum layer resolution using Fused Deposition Modeling print quality it build s compelling 3D objects.It measured about 435 mm x 340 mm x 385 mm and weights about 11.3kg.

It’s simply to use and comes pre-assambled, also uses open-source software.It’s slow and noisy too.But this excellent printer is available in decent price giving quite slow speed with open source hardware makes it flexible for hardware lacks and a committed community works together to help users and create further add-ons of this printer.

8) CubePro Trio : Best three color and three material printer

CubePro Trio is the most ideal and favorite printer for consumers which allow multiple colors objects and uses multiple color filaments to make these objects using Fused Deposition Modeling printing technology with minimum layer resolution of 70 microns and maximum 300 microns.It’s dimensions are 578 mm x 591 mm x 578 mm and weights about 41kg.

It comes in a good design but it’s print qualty is not that amazing, expensive to run and easy to use.But not limited on side of using colors most printers are capable to use one- or two-colors printing but this beast can use three different colors in one printing session which is great.

If you want to create and enclosed mechanism through this printer you can use nylon for gears, ABS for surround and PLA to support the structure and then dissolved with caustic soda.Especially this printer is the one engineers and modelers need to create 3D prints that contains moving parts.

9) BEEVERYCREATIVE : Best for work and home

This particular printing machine is not likely similar to others it’s quality of print and actual design is totally different than most other printers and doesn’t contained in a box.By taking mind in the usage of this printer in home has gave it’s design idea.It’s design also contains handles to transport it easily.

It uses Fused Filament Fabrication and Minimum layer resolution of 50 microns and maximum layer resolution of 300 microns measuring 400 x 140 x 400 mm and weight about 10.5kg.It has lovely design and easy to use but on the other hand, it’s low build volum and expensive too.

So from this list of super 3D printers 2018 must have been helpful for you to.Get your laser printer or simpler printer it’s up to you now.

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