Best 120mm Case Fans 2018 – Buyers Guide

best 120mm case fan

The most popular questions that we often see on forums are about what is best gaming card?, what is best case fan or what is best cooling fan?. Well the problem is solved we have crafted a list of best case fans which are honestly reviewed with honest benchmarks that you can buy right now. Some of them are best 120mm case fan and some of them are best computer fans. So you can select the best case fan according to your requirements and pocket.

Why you need case fan? Well this is pretty much the very easy answer. Those who play the games whole day can understand that how important it is to protect their gaming pc from overheating and melting. Because they have spend lot’s of bucks buying a best gaming mouse, best gaming monitor and PC they don’t wanted to ruin their whole gaming rig due to overheating or anything else. That’s why the need a best case fan.This fan helps lower down the gaming PC temperature , overheating may also affect GPU card which is quite expensive.

You can select any best case fan that can be feasible for your requirements.Mostly people are looking for best 120mm case fan so in the table below they are mentioned separately by categories and by price. Hope this list will help you pick the best case fans 2017 for you gaming rig.

Best Case Fans 2018

best case fan 2017


Read this list of top ten reviews best case fans to pick your best one of 2017.

1) Thermaltake Riing 120MM fan – Best 120mm Case Fan

While buying case fans you should keep in mind that go for a fan that could maximize cooling.That’s why RIING fans by Thermaltake are always recommended for good fans.

RIING cases are the best cases for the money and their high amount of airflow is worth paying for them.This best performance of airflow is possible due to Thermaltake’s Concentrated Compression Blades.

RIING fans runs quietly despite the power they take and barely emit any sound while they are in use.These fans can fit perfectly and eaily in any computer case due to RIING anit-vibration mounting system.

Purchase of these fans comes in a pack of two but you can also purchase a single fan.But you can also take the dual pack that’s not a waste of money.The great choice for you is to take this quiet fan offered by Thermaltake RIING to keep your system cool.Due to the ability to fit into most gaming cases this is the best purchase and it’s worth paying for it.


2) NXZT FZ-120MM Airflow Fan – Beat Cheap Case Fan

NZXT Technologies has a best case fan for the gamer who have tighter budget.Because NZXT offers fairly cheap fans and few of them are most affordable case fans.But despite being cheap these fans are durable and can last for years so it’s worth your cash for an NZXT computer case fan.

This little fan can be the reason of cooling an entire system alone.The higher level of airflow is produced by minimal airflow of 1200 +/- 20% RPM and the reason of it’s quitness is low decibel level of 26.8 dBA. You also have the option to get your desired color fan for your system because this fan comes in variety of LED colors.

The LED color lights of this fan tend to sometimes dim but this small issue can not hide the overall performance of this fan with great price, durability and airflow.


3) HBT + AXE 120-MM Fan

The coolest looking fan is offered by HBT+AXE for your gaming case.You will fall in love with it’s sci-fi look.This little beast is made up of fluid-dynamic fan bearing which is it’s great feature and makes it to stay quite and increase the durability.Fan blades helps to increase the air flow which totally makes it a great computer fan.

Anit-vibration pads are attached around the screws to make it more quite as well as noise limiting adapter.So far this is the most quite fans available and having no cons makes this fan nearly flawless , quiet and less noisy fan by HBT+AXE and it’s worth spending on this.


4) Rocksoul 120MM Fan

This transparent fan by Rocksoul 120MM Fan feels like a desired fan.It comes in a 120x120x25 mm frame which is capable to fit in most gaming builds.The minimal fan speed of 1800 +/- 10% RPM allows extreme airflow which causes cooling the gaming rig.

Also Rocksoul comes in a super affordable price which is even better for those who are on a budget.Surprisingly you can get a good gaming case for this amount means nothing.On the other hand being affordable makes it one of the cheap fans because the fan gets noisy while in working and LED lights just flat out don’t work.

Keeping aside these issue if you are ok with them and have short budget then Rocksoul 120mm fan is the most affordable and high performance fan you should go for.


5) Cooler Master JetFlo 120 – Small Case Fan

A smaller computer case may cause issues sometimes due to being little.But if you still want that then Cooler Master JetFlo 120 is your option.The ultra thin design of blades and fan helps saving some space.While having the small design JetFlo gives pretty good airflow with 800-2000 +/- 10% RPM.

It’s the extremely durable small fan, it can even resist dust and water and can last long after these damages.The beauty of this fan is increased due to auto-resume function which can go back in int’s normal state if something get caught in it’s blades when that thing is removed.

Whereas the fans are loud and can be distraction for those who want to work in silence.This only flaw doesn’t make it useless JetFlo is the small and powerful fan that will last long with your gaming computer.


6) Asiahorse Solar Eclipse Fan

This case fan is one of the amazing case fans it’s outright mesmerizing and comes in blue, green, red and white four different colors schemes.You can choose your desired one.

Color and looks doesn’t matter all we are here for is the performance of fan.You can set the air flow of fan anytime and it’s by default set at 1200 RPM.As compared to most of the mainstay fans this is the most silent fan.

Overall Eclipse is quite stylish and not that expensive so having this fan in your build will take it to next level.


7) Arctic F12 PWM Rev. 2 – Best Case Fan 2017

Arctic F12 PWM Rev. 2 is the High-volume cooling,despite of some hardware issues it’s the best fans money can buy.You don’t want your computer to be ice cold but making it enough cool will keep its efficiency in balance.That’s why Arctic is the good choice.

Arctic runs between 300 and 1350 RPM and it’s a great way of cooling down your fan case while your are having gaming routines.It’s better for the systems that gives off a lot of heat.It’s best for custom computers.Arctic will remain working for years due to the fluid dynamic bearing the fan is made off.

Talking about the price it’s the most affordable fans in our this list of top case fans brands of 2017.Those fans which have been top performing in 2015,2016 and in 2014 are not included because this list is updated and all tests are done on the latest case fans.Arctic is one of the most popular case fans of all the brands in the market and it can be your favourite too if you just try it once.

Overall this is the best 120mm case fan 2017 and contains six years warranty and unbeatable price makes it the most amazing fan 2017.It’s recommended for you and it’s worth every penny spend.


8) Thermaltake Luna 12 120MM LED case Fan

Thermaltake is again on our top ten list.That’s because Luna 12 is the most brilliant and best looking fans available.Luna’s anti-vibration mounting system enables it to fit in any computer build, and deals with vibration elimination and prevents tha fan from damage.

Frame can also be enlarged which allows maximum airflow and prevent overheating.Keeping the system cool and giving the great and stylish look in design makes it the quality fan 2017.

Luna 12 is bit noisy but overall it’s a great fan with durable performance it’s one of the best computer case fans available.


9) Corsair ML 120 Pro Led Fan

Corsair ML120 is the top quality case fan not only by looks but gives the next level amazing performance.Also you have plethora of four different colors blue, red, white and black so you can select your desired one.

Magnetic bearings makes this fan better and longer lasting.The 2000 RPM is also pretty good and it stay quite with this high RPM. This is the most silent fan ever.So fast it’s one of the best pc case fans.

With all these great features you need to pay a hefty price which is worth paying for.You are definitely recommended to select ML120 as your best case fan to cool down your computer system.


Best Budget Case Fans – Buyer Guide

When you are so busy in long gaming sessions with your rig in virtual worlds for hours on end and that turns into intense gaming which can heat up your gaming computer. You should be looking for right components to save system from overheats, because computer can crash due to overheating. That’s where you need a best gaming case fan.

A good fan can save your system from heating up and protect your pc from causing hamful dapage.This list of top 10 best case fans will make your system handle intense gaming and you can do gaming longer. So read these ultimate guide of case fan reviews to get the best fan.



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